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Your child is the conductor with Symphony in B.

Symphony in B.


It's important to start by saying that this toy is just really cool. Symphony in B. by B. Toys puts conducting in your child's hands in their trademark colorful and creative way. Children can choose from 13 instruments and play 15 different songs with as many as 6 of those instruments at a time creating endless possibilities. The instruments included are clarinet, flute, tuba, trumpet, xylophone, drums, cymbals, piano, accordion, koto, guitar, violin and sitar.

The Symphony in B. puts conducting in your child's hands
Photo courtesy B. Toys

Each instrument is a different color with a unique shape on the bottom. Younger kids will enjoy matching those shapes with the coordinating colored pocket on the toy. Symphony in B. includes buttons that highlight which instruments play melody and which are accompaniment, a fun lesson for the older kids. There are also orchestra buttons that highlight which family each instrument belongs to, woodwinds, brass, percussion, or strings.

Children just choose which instrument they want to hear and add it to the "pit." The toy recognizes the instrument quickly, even mid-song, and adds it to the song.

Some highlights of the toy include:

  • It includes some uncommon instruments for your child to discover
  • The ability to listen to each instrument alone to learn its individual sound
  • Having both a tuba and a xylophone lets you make any song in to a polka
  • The songs sound like real music and have no vocals which is more pleasant to the ears of an over-stimulated grown up
  • The instruments just sit in the orchestra pit and don't need to lock into place to place which makes changing, removing, or adding instruments easy and fun for kids of all ages
  • The song can be changed to the text in the rotation by merely pressing the big, purple play button
  • Auto-off saves battery life

There aren't too many cons to this toy as it's fun, educational, and not very annoying but there are a few things that aren't as cool as others:

  • Most of the instruments only fit back in their pockets one way which can proved frustrating for kids on the younger side of the age spectrum
  • There isn't any sort of locking mechanism for the instruments when they're in their pockets which could result in lost items if not stored properly

Symphony in B. can be found at Target for $49.99 and is perfect for the little music lover in your life.

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