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Your Body Experiences An Utopia After Each Workout

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In the Bible, Matthew 7:18 reads "A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit". Your body is the tree, how you take care of your body physically and mentally determine the fruits it will bear. Exercising is the cornerstone to building a full range of mental stability, good night sleep, heart-protection, absence of obesity and a life-extension for the body. However, these exercise benefits, will not come from once in a blue moon training sessions. You must commit yourself to regular activity. To be honest, you must get at least three 45 minute workouts per week.

Each workout can be moderate-intensity ranging from a brisk walk to a full blown strength training workout with Michaelangelo Bance. You must keep in mind the goal is to stay active and consistent so pick an aerobic activity, a strength training program or both. Don't beat yourself up if you miss one day, just pick up the next day. Exercising for the body is one of those cases where something is better than nothing.

In a 2012 study, Swedish researchers concluded that among healthy but inactive adults, just minutes of exercise altered genetic material in muscle cells. There is no getting around the DNA we inherit from our parents, but exercise can prevent certain bad genes (Diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity) from coming to fruition and can increase good genes (low body fat, healthy heart and strong lungs) to bear fruit to better health situations.

1. Exercising lifts your SPIRIT in just seconds, because your brain releases a number of positive neurotransmitters, such as endorphins and serotonin. These two neurotransmitters provoke happy thoughts and laughter.

2. Exercising enables you to become more FOCUSED minutes into the workout. As you exercise and your heart rate increases it send a surge of blood flow to the brain. This causes the brain cells to kick into high gear, causing you feel more alert during your workout and more focused immediately after.

3. Exercising allows STRESS to fade to black. With the influx of extra blood to the brain, the heightened concentration and an increase of endorphins your mood is destined to increase. This process forces your body relax and the tension to evaporate. Your body then locks on to the enjoyment of playing (exercising).

When you exercise you protect yourself from an array of negative physical to mental situations. You also put yourself in a position to be a better contributor to your family, friends, employer and general society. So, keep exercising and enjoy the good fruits of your exercises.