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Younique is Unique

Younique Pigments and Skin care items


This examiner has just completed another round of product testing for a blog. How many of you have heard of or tried the Younique line of products that have come out.

Well as I mentioned before I just got through testing a few products of that line today. The representative that was the contributor to the blog was Shelby Davis. She is one of the sweetest gals in the DS industry you will ever meet. As part of contributing to the blog, this examiner asked her to share a bit about herself, so people can get to know her better.

Here is what she had to say in her own words:

I'll start by giving you some background on the company:

We are lass than 18 months old. We currently are in the US, Canada, and Australia. We launch in New Zealand on June 1st! All of our products are Naturally and Minerally based. We are cruelty free, some products are gluten free, and we are vegan friendly. Our products are great for sensitive skin! We are currently the fastest growing Direct Sales Company in the world!And I couldn't be more proud to be a part of it!

Now I'll give you some background on myself:

I graduated from West Greene High School in 2009. I am engaged to an amazing guy, named Josh. He's changed my life. We have a daughter who turns 2 next month. Her name is Mckenna. They are the reasons I joined Younique. I want to help ease some of the financial stress that Josh feels. And I want to teach Mckenna that even though her mom didn't go to college, she can still be successful. I want her to see first hand that you can do anything you set your mind to.

You can find her page at:

The products tested for the blog included the following:

  1. The Awake Facial Cleanser Sample- was one of the toughest samples to pry out.
  2. The Brilliant Moisturizer Sample- this sample reminded me of candle wax
  3. The Frivilous Concealer Sample- the concealer did a great job and blended int o my skin fairly well
  4. The Sophisticated Blush Sample- the color went on like BOZO, but after some working it in, it looked better and passed the hubby test.
  5. The Regal Shimmer Mineral Pigment Sample- complimented my skin tone well
  6. The Glamorous Mineral Pigment Sample- this was another sample that worked well with all the yellow in my skin
  7. The Heavenly Mineral Pigment Sample- this was the sample my husband liked, and even thought my mother-in-law might wear.
  8. The Playful Shimmer Mineral Pigment Sample- this was another one that did its job and added some desperately needed color to this examiner
  9. The Dignified Shimmer Mineral Pigment Sample- the dignified was the better of the two green pigments this examiner tried
  10. The Famous Mineral Pigment Sample- Of all the pigments this was the closest one to almost qualify for white, even though it was a soft green .
  11. The Glorious Face and Eye Primer- dried up before this examiner could really try it. had to add a drop of water to get anything to come up out of the sample.

Over all the testing was very positive when it came to the pigments, blush, and concealer samples, as for the other three, not so much. If you are looking for great color, the color side is the way to go, but this examiner thinks in larger quantity, the other mentioned products could also be good.

If you are asked how you heard about this, let Shelby know Nannette Morrison sent you. Shelby will do a great job in getting you coordinated in color and complimentary skin care products.

Once again you can find her page at:

Have a great day!

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