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Young Love is in the Air: Book Review of Cowboys and Kisses

young adult romance book


In springtime, love is carried on the breeze. Watch out for flying passion or kisses whizzing by your head. Emma Racine deFleur

The newest release from San Antonio author, Sasha Summers
Inkspell Publishing

With the first bluebonnets peeking out of the ground, we know Spring has arrived in San Antonio.

Along with the warming temperatures, hearts seem to beat a little faster with Spring Fever and love in the air and why not?

San Antonio has been crowned the most romantic city in the country so why wouldn't our town be full of passion and our bookshelves have the most recent releases from our amazing writers of San Antonio Romance Authors?

San Antonio native and romance writer, Sasha Summers has not only given us a new book to add to your "to read immediately" stack, but she's given readers a great reason to start collecting more Young Adult books.

Cowboys and Kisses is the first of the Teens of Black Falls, Texas series. Set in the fictitious town of Black Falls (loosely based on Bandera, Texas), Summers tells us the story of Wyatt and Allie, two teens who are simply trying to find their way in their chaotic worlds and end up finding hope with each other.

Without giving too much of the story away, know that Allie's the new girl in town, looking to start over and it does include falling for her very good looking neighbor, Wyatt Holcomb.

Wyatt couldn't be a more tried and true young cowboy, who has dimples sweet enough to give you cavities, but Wyatt isn't without his flaws.

As Allie and Wyatt navigate their own paths in life, they are bound to cross each others and oh, what sweet fireworks they ignite.

This isn't an erotica by any means. It's a sweet story about two kids simply falling in love at times in their lives when each are trying to figure out who each of them are.

Is this a romance you can let your teenagers read?

Shelly Miles asked Ms. Summers this on San Antonio Living just last month and Ms. Summers explained she met her husband when she was a teenager (they've been married over twenty years) and she wanted to write about the sweetness of falling in love young.

So yes, Cowboys and Kisses is a sweet romance, one that you can feel comfortable having your teenagers read, but one you'll enjoy as well.

You can purchase Cowboys and Kisses at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

For more information about Sasha Summers, her appearances and upcoming projects, find her at Facebook, Pintrest, Goodreads, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

And if one book by Sasha isn't enough, check out her other books at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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