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You won't find vegan, dairy free and gluten free products better than these

So Delicious Dairy Free
So Delicious Dairy Free
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So Delicious Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan Products


So Delicious is a company that I found about three years ago when I decided to cut back on my dairy consumption in addition to eliminating gluten due to suspected lactose and gluten intolerance. I started with their almond milk, and then slowly moved into their dairy-free frozen desserts. From there, I moved into coconut milk products and now I am completely hooked. I have tried and loved everything from their coconut milk yogurt to their coconut milk ice cream and ice cream bars. The Passionate Mango and Blueberry Coconut Milk Yogurts are my absolute favorite; I sprinkle in a little bit of gluten free granola and I am in heaven. I swear, since my coconut milk consumption has increased so dramatically, my skin looks brighter, more even toned and more smooth.

I won’t drink my morning coffee without my So Delicious Hazelnut Coconut Milk Creamer and if I go out to eat and have coffee, I drink it black (and usually feel rather disappointed because it’s just not the same). If So Delicious would make this creamer in individual serving packages so I could take them with me…I think my life would be complete. I’ve joked about hiding a flask of it in my purse and dumping it into my diner coffee…

When I buy So Delicious frozen desserts, I pick up three boxes/containers at a time! I love the coconut milk fudge bars; they’re creamy and have just enough chocolate flavor without being overpowering or too sweet. Even the sticks are plant based and compostable! In the almond milk category, the Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream and dessert bars are my favorite. In my opinion, if you’re looking for something closer to the texture of conventional ice cream, the almond milk products are creamier in texture. So Delicious recently launched a new strawberry coconut milk dessert bar that I can’t wait to try. It’s organic and looks amazing. I have evolved through my non-dairy journey to enjoy a less creamy texture, so I find the coconut milk frozen products to be more satisfying. In addition, for those of you who are gluten free, So Delicious is conscious of your struggle and they have created several new almond milk ice cream flavors that are gluten free!

I have yet to find their Coccocino near me, but when I do I will be sure to buy several servings! I love how their website includes recipe suggestions on each product page as well as links to products that are similar so one can navigate through the site to find other products they might like as well.

They make their social media presence known, highly interactive with their customers on Facebook and taking into consideration the large group of people who request the removal of carrageenan in packaged foods. The company also bears the symbols of many product certifications; So Delicious products are certified by the Non-GMO Project, made with organic ingredients, kosher, gluten free and vegan.

If amazing products and fabulous customer service weren’t enough, So Delicious gives back through the Bree’s Dream Foundation. Read their blog to be privy to healthy tips and tricks, and find yourself dreaming of their employee garden! You can find product announcements here, too. One you won’t find that I am incredibly excited about is their brand new coconut milk whipped cream which hasn’t even hit the shelves yet. Want to join in on the fun? So Delicious is constantly running contests and giveaways. Interested in sustainability? Read more here! They also offer coupons so you may try the products at a discounted cost. How nice is that? Find them on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch.

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