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You try and stay good, but they just keep dragging you in ‘Rage’ - movie review



The love and hate relationship has been experienced by many from time to time with dealing with Nicholas Cage. Unfortunately for this endeavor RAGE, we have a feeling there will be more hate than love. Why you ask? Well just because the role that he plays in the film is not far fetched, just not his best work. Paco Cabezas brings the old tale of a former criminal gone good who gets mixed up in some dirty deeds. How does the saying go? “Even when I get out, they keep dragging me back in.” This time though a little misdirection is the cause for alarm as Cage searches for the killer of his daughter.

Rage out now on DVD and Blu ray!
Image Entertainment

RAGE follows Cage as Paul Maguire who has KINGS OF NEW YORK meets CARLITO’S WAY in his DNA as a former crime lord who is now a businessman. He must head back into the belly to find out the killer of his daughter as things aren’t adding up. For a story that has been done before there was some good execution. The revolving parts around Cage played their parts extremely well but the star and his lackluster performance and accent hurt the film. We all know Nick can play a bad guy. In films like FACEOFF his performance was next to none. So we know he is capable. Something about his performance in RAGE just did not sit well. It felt too forced. Nick is great on the parts of business man and father. It’s just when there is hell to pay the character gets lost.This writer would have loved to see him playing more of an insanity role with the character. Like his dark side was in a sense funny. That may have helped the development but as it it stands it holds flat.

RAGE still holds many aspects that make it a decent watch. There is mystery, violence, and intrigue through it all and that usually makes a good action film. Blame Liam Neeson if you may but the age old tale of young caucasian women being kidnapped is done and over with. Hopefully it nevers come back. This writer just wishes someone would find the next step in the TAKEN process and show more than the usual same scenarios. That kind of set up makes this film get lost in the hundreds of titles Nicolas Cage is associated with. There is a good twist in the end that is not as unexpected as they would have you to believe. Still it’s carefully placed misdirection that if consumed could hold you to the end of the seat. Hard not to look at this as a filler title but there is too much evidence to suggest it. That all being said this is a star in a film genre that many people will enjoy so I’m not surprised if it got picked up this week. Rent it for yourself to see if you agree!

2 /5

RAGE is now available on DVD, Blu ray, and digital download. It is directed by Paco Cabezas and stars Nicholas Cage, Danny Glover, and Aubrey Peeples. It is being distributed courtesy of Image Entertainment.