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You Too Can Hold A Piece of the Universe In Your Hands!

Galactic Holiday Steal from bhCosmetics


This past November I came across a site just for the make-up maven in all of us. bhCosmetics has a line of cosmetics that is ever evolving with brilliant tones, amazing ingredients and the best prices and sales I have seen in a long time. Their "Black Friday Sale" kicked off the season with blowout steals and deals.

Just recieved my order

One of my bundles in my shopping cart for my supporters and myself was the Galactic Holidays Steal (Galaxy Chic Palette + False Eyelashes + False Eyelash Applicator + Eyelash Curler) for $11.95 by bhCosmetics made these featured looks achievable.

Colors included are (listed from left to right);

  1. Sun - (mixture) deep golden and red/orange tones
  2. Jupiter - (solid) copper tone
  3. Prometheus - (mixture) shimmery white and rich burgundy tones
  4. Aphrodite - (solid) rich burgundy tone
  5. Milky Way - (mixture) shimmery white and deep lavender
  6. Cosmic - (solid) light lavender
  7. Saturn - (mixture) bright gold with pink/orange hints
  8. Venus - (solid) bright orange
  9. Meteor - (mixture) icy blue with shimmery white specs
  10. Comet - (solid) blue ice
  11. Earth - (mixture) shimmery white with royal blue specs
  12. Neptune - (solid) sapphire
  13. Mercury - (mixture) shimmery white with bronze
  14. Mars - (solid) deep bronze
  15. Asteroid - (mixture) deep bronze with sapphire
  16. Uranus - (solid) shimmery powder blue ice
  17. Moon - (mixture) shimmery white with pewter and sapphire specs
  18. Eclipse - (mixture) shimmery pewter

The lustrous 18 shades of "Baked Eye Shadow have beautiful colors from our universe. The shades used to accomplish this warm year end celebrations: 1 Sun (used on the eyelid), 4 Aphrodite (used in the crease), 14 Mars (used on the outer lids) and 3 Prometheus (used on the brow line and inner eye).

The 2nd look achieved with the icy winter tones: 17 Moon (on the eyelids), 18 Eclipse (in the crease) and 12 Neptune (on the outer corners of the eyelids).

The 3rd look was achieved with 5 Milky Way (on the eyelids), 18 Eclipse (in the crease) and 17 Moon (on the brow line)

The lip shades are from the bhCosmetics line as well "66 Color Palette Lip Gloss".

The colors are long lasting, they go on smooth (no caking) and the applications lasted at least 18 hours.

This product (18 Color Baked Eye Shadow Palette) "Galaxy Chic" by bhCosmetics is highly recommended by me.

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