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'You're Next' screams a bloody good time

You're Next


Everyone remembers "Scream", that 90's Horror hit that played on audiences' expectations over a tired style of slasher flicks and a tongue planted so firmly in its cheek that it couldn't even be removed by not one but, two masked killers.

Now available on Blu Ray or DVD

Well "You're Next", a brand new Horror film now available on Blu Ray or DVD, is another one in the mold of "Scream". Although, it shatters that mold with indie spirit, pitch-black humor and wit which reforms itself (rather nicely, I might add) into a bloody good time.

The movie follows Crispian Davidson (A.J. Bowen, "The House of the Devil") as he brings his new girlfriend (Sharni Vinson) along for a long awaited get together with his family. This family reunion is soon derailed, however, when a gang of killers in creepy animal masks begin to hunt members of the family down one by one in brutal detail. Unfortunately for these murderers, one of the “victims” harbors a secret talent of being able to protect herself quite handily.

A smart, scary and altogether stabbing take on the sub-genre of home invasion Thrillers that cleverly subverts convention and adds a few new twists of the knife to keep things flowing. Joining this terrific cast are a who's who of talented Indie filmmakers like Joe Swanberg ("Drinking Buddies"), Amy Seimetz ("Sun Don't Shine"), Ti West ("The Innkeepers"), Calvin Reeder ("The Oregonian") and Larry Fessenden ("Wendigo"). Throw in "Scream Queen" Barbara Crampton ("The Re-Animator") and you’ve got a movie that rivals that aforementioned classic.