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'You're Gonna Get Yours' by Beige Eagle Boys

You're Gonna Get Yours by Beige Eagle Boys


Detroit noisemakers Beige Eagle Boys have recently dropped their debut full-length album, You're Gonna Get Yours, on Reptilian Records. Distorted low-end, fuzzed-out guitar, and dirty, angry vocals mark this trio's sound, bringing to mind certain elements from bands such as Unsane, Fudge Tunnel, The Jesus Lizard, early Clutch, and Hammerhead. To put it simply, the material on this ten-song album can be easily described as scuzz punk meets slop metal meets junkyard bluescore. To be sure, this is the sort of music that should come out of Detroit.

While am able to appreciate pretty much the whole album, I would say the standouts are "You Ruined Everything," "I Do Not Belong Here," "Nothing's Ever Good Enough," and "Not My Fault." But this is the sort of album that is meant to be listened through in its entirety.

The video attached to this review is a proper introduction to what Beige Eagle Boys do. It is the opener off the album, "I Saw Your Face On the Pavement," which is definitely another standout. The images, although brutal at times, show a great but regrettable American pastime: watching other people get seriously injured in extreme situations, like biking, skateboarding, auto collisions, and general foolishness. But the music and images go very well together.

You're Gonna Get Yours by Beige Eagle Boys is available now on CD or digital download from Philadelphia punk/underground label Reptilian Records. The LP - 100 orange vinyl and 400 blue vinyl - is currently up for preorder.