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Yoko Ono & John Lennon 'Love Is All You Need'

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A love song which made John Lennon say, "I'm happy now. That's about all that matters to me."


By Julie Denice Griffin

Time wounds all heels ~ John Lennon

In the film documentary Love Is All You Need the very different life led by John and Yoko Lennon whose relationship with each other beautiful to behold made a mirror reflection of a good model for male and female bonding. Also, even though others often persecuted Yoko with words and other things, she remained strong in the face of criticism ~ Things were not easy for her, to hold John up as a best friend and a lover, and then to work on her desire to perform as an artist with each of the kind a gift while to sing as an early female pop star, and to compose daring performance art that heretofore only male artists owned the prior gallery rights to, she also faced the prejudice of growing up as a Japanese person. Still others did not understand that her love for John only led to her want to temperance him and guide him and help him, and of all the strange things for the times, some did not like despite the strong goodness, balance and wisdom that her intertwine gave the relationship that she was slightly older than him. In short, the film talked about how some felt it easier to write Yoko off due to her ethnicity, that her style differed from that of the Beatles, and due to her shy demure and peaceful and easygoing demeanor.

So while sometimes to start at the begin place of a story some may think good, sometimes to begin at the end and cover from there the good parts at the place of a hindsight, perhaps much of the Buddhist ideals and thoughts of the oriental people lend a flavor to give peace a chance, which while economists of John Lennon's protest days did not care much for that, that he was murdered by one person and the persons behind that for that reason, how anyone behind that may sleep easily on a pillow tonight or any night is a mystery today. But that Yoko finally after a very long time later found the courage to sing about who got more shares of the pie, the truth that John & Yoko always seemed bound together by a more threefold chord, John openly proclaimed his love for the peaceful and patient woman of his life during the album Double Fantasy. Preceded by the earlier Stay In Bed campaign for growing peace along with longer hair, that Lennon really wanted to get across the fact that peace begets peace, Yoko also always fully supported him with this stance.

All of the statements by the loving relationship of the two, a mirror reflection of the love they showed while not using any words seemed to say that no one must use force or violence between a relationship with a man and woman, and that at least John represented a good student for Yoko and which made her teaching a miracle within a miracle come true. The beautiful presence of the two as the relationship slowly formed and emerged although she met him at a time while she thought him just a handsome, sexy guy who walked in off the streets to look at her artwork at her art show. She had no idea he even was a singer. She did fall in him love with him right away, but as an ordinary guy. The good things that happened between John and Yoko even others around them felt as an immediate and then lasting positive, and despite some obstacles the relationship hushed the crowds with a love which heightened even the initial start of the Beatles band, a group who admittedly appeared as the initial 70's and 80's punk rock cave underground for that 60's time.

Later, John spoke of the elementary simple love song as I love you, you love me as too elementary a child's play. His brilliant intelligence, of course ending up with another being as intelligent as you always the goal ~ After all, then who else to couple with and understand original dominant, outrageous, tough, sometimes cynical and also gentle conversation. Yoko also understood the child side of John and knew just how to support him with care about the many hard things he had grown up with as a type of street child. John and Yoko during the time the two lived together, also llived at the helm of a time of tommoro never knows, and so it likely only seemed logical for her to make a song about the heartbeat of her miscarried baby, and the scream of that sound. And while John with the original Beatles, always seemed destined for charisma and fame, when John spoke of how time wounds all heels, he almost seemed to speak as if in defense for his wife, Yoko.

Just as bible belt persons strangely promoted the Beatles by burning and banning the records at the very start, the groups also seemed to also make themselves look even more foolish by holding huge church revivals outside of the concert halls of the band, and especially in Memphis, Tennessee of all places. Although record sales lowered at the time, this only hurt the church people, made them look like fenatics and later increased the record sales of the Beatles while at the same time making most of the records burned invaluable collector items. One of the radio announcers of the area who called himself Charles during a portion of one of the film interviews said he feared that the radicals might harm him. So, he along with a lot of other radio announcers of the day banned the playing of Beatle records as well. Despite numerous taped apologies by John and he said that what he said about Jesus he did not mean the way the words came out, no one else seemed to hear him.

The process of art and of course as Yoko admitted, John was the first guy she met who she even thought of as sexy - And mostly due to not only that within the higher thought process, like attracts like. She also helped him develop with a calm, easy demeanor and as the two explored her art together, that Yoko a cusp on a pre-feminist era the serious life philosophies of she and John began. Yoko actually helped John to strip away everything he did need to shed in order to better process his life, and as most good artists must go through to create. And although things like the 60's style designed Rolls Royce of Lennon appeared during the documentary, it seemed that the lifestyle of John and Yoko began to show more about home life and a life style filled with more comfort, joy, flow and peace.

Saying, "My position has always been the devil and the deep blue sea," by this John simply meant that he only wanted the freedom to say what he wanted to say. Of course, he also said he wanted the freedom to do whatever he wanted to do. And by that, he referenced his activities which of course only brought more peace and love to and without harming anyone. John talked about how no good ever came out of anyone who initiates to kill somebody and that violence only begats more violence along with armies who initiate only war. John spoke against L.S.D. during the film naming the drug as only a temporary method of finding the ego of self. But also admitted openly that to go forward with the vein only a selfish method. He said that the method of turning the other cheek to win others over, a sad tragedy that armies of police bludgeoned and murdered innocent college students who only wanted to put an end to violence and war and say give peace a chance. He said the people of the 30's protested hard as they only wanted bread and that everything works if you believe it. He said that people need to stop taking and fighting for things they know they don't need, and to figure out how to solve their problems a more peaceful way. He encouraged the youth of the world to work for peace.


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