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Yogurtland's Winter Menu

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In some parts of the country the sound of ice cold is not warming yet the flavors that Yogurtland on the winter menu may have some think again. The newest editions include snowflake mint, cran-raspberry tart and red velvet batter cake. Pumpkin pie flavor also makes its way for the season pushing exotic flavors such as lychee off the menu for the moment.

What about these new flavors? The pumpkin pie is delish. I think I like it better than the actual pie. Although, I have never tried the candy flavor the snowflake mint has the rich flavor of peppermint flavor. Oceanspray brand gives a bit of the juice flavor to cran-raspberry tart but the raspberry is generally a stronger flavor in this yogurt. The probably tried play it safe and let the sweet balance out the tart. And the winner is...Red Velvet Batter cake. It is a crowd pleaser worth grabbing a to go buck to pair with the holiday desserts.