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The Legendary year of 2012
The Legendary year of 2012
Michelle Cole



Are you familiar with the terms shift, transition, Mayan Calendar and the mysteries that surround 12-21-2012? Does the question “What IS time?” cross your mind, ever? Do you find yourself questioning your sanity more so in the past few months/years than in your entire life and feel that something much more complex is going on in the world today? Would you like to be introduced to some theories you have not thought of, heard of or knew existed in relation to time, the shift happening currently world-wide and the Mayans? Perhaps you are already as fascinated by all this as I am and you are always looking for new sources of information!

If so, I have the website for you! It is called Emergent Culture and the amazing mind behind it is named Rohaan Solare. The man was dedicated enough to these subjects that in 2007 he sold his home and a business of 20 years to solely pursue his passions of writing and researching. Also realize his articles are never short, they are always detailed, well researched with numerous links to supportive sources. To be fair, I myself had not heard of some of the theories he spends so much time researching but they are not un-explored by any means. It is always fascinating when I receive a new ‘piece of the puzzle’ (the puzzle of Life) and even though I’ve never heard a theory before, when something resonates in my chest/gut I go with it!

Society is changing all around the globe and it’s pretty hard not to notice. Environmental issues are becoming more widely accepted as valid concerns while more and more people realize the saying “We are all one” “What we do to the Earth we do to ourselves” and other similar sentiments are far more than just ‘inspiring words’. A wonderful quote from Ghandi in relation to the importance of the 12-21-2012 date is posted on the home page of the E.C. website:

“The day we realize it is not about nations, and the whole world is one…oh, that will be the grandest of days”

The emergence of Social Media has rocketed human relations around the world, I don’t think we are terribly far from experiencing the grandest of days: realizing we are all simply human. Falling in love, falling out of love, being born, experiencing death and just trying to find happiness and joy where we can in between: regardless of where and when you are born! Best yet it gives people like Rohaan Solare an outlet-a place to share amazing theories and research that can help us understand some of the crazy ‘speed-of-light’ changes our world is experiencing now.

It may just stretch your imagination: Yoga for the Brain!