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Yo Ku Mon ice cream and coffee shop in Culver City

$3 each at Yo Ku Mon
$3 each at Yo Ku Mon
Photo by John Parra

Yo Ku Mon


Located in Culver City, Yo Ku Mon sits in a strip mall off Jefferson near Sepulveda, drawing customers in with big banners claiming “the best coffee in LA” and “handmade ice cream cookie sandwiches.” It also has pretty decent reviews on yelp so is it worth a trip?

Unfortunately not.

The ice cream sandwiches which they are famous for were less than impressive. The cookies were very dry and had been sitting out for too long, tasted store bought, and were so sugary they were tough to finish. The ice cream was pretty good, nothing stellar (the strawberry cheesecake flavor is a fan favorite).

On the other hand you definitely get a bang for your buck- just $3 and they do no skimp on the ice cream. Definitely a great Sunday treat for the kids, but perhaps a bit too sweet for an adult palate.

The macaroons also were a bit lackluster. Perhaps fresh they might be better but like the other cookies they tasted dry and did not possess that wonderful melt in your mouth quality you expect from a French macaroon. The fruit flavors (lemon and raspberry) were again too sugary, but the chocolate and caramel flavors were much tastier.

Their coffee had a nice taste, however a single espresso came served in a large paper coffee cup, so it was cold almost immediately and did not live up to the advertising banners posted out front.

The one saving grace was the service. The gentleman behind the counter was very sweet, personable, and helpful in his recommendations.

Overall Yo Ku Mon is a great place to bring your kids, especially if you’re out for a long weekend of shopping (there is a Target, Ross, and Bed Bath and Beyond next door) but don’t go out of your way.