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YMCA of Southern Indiana - Clark County

Clark County, Indiana YMCA


Have you slipped off of the healthy track? It's okay! Keep in mind that your children feed off of your habits though so if you have slipped, it's time to get back on. It only takes 28 days to form a habit. Are you waiting until after Thanksgiving or after the holidays all together to start back to the gym? The time is now. That way you can burn those extra calories you're bound to scarf down on the two biggest eating days in the USA.

The YMCAs are wonderful, but as a new user of the Y in Clark County, Indiana...I give the facility five stars. There are plenty of classes for children as well as a large swimming pool with a lifeguard. You and your teenager can take a Zumba class while the youngsters swim in the family pool. There are also Zumbatomic classes for children ages 6-9, family Yoga and Tae Kwon Do for all ages. This YMCA is very family friendly and rather than putting the children in the facility's day care, get them involved in fitness also. The younger the better. This YMCA branch makes it super easy to get fit with your children.

Check out their website here: The best thing is if you have the community wide membership in Louisville, it also includes the Southern Indiana branches as well.