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Yip Deceiver's electric dance party at Dante's

Yip Deceiver concert


Making just their second trip to Portland, Yip Deceiver entertained a full house at Dante’s March 11. The crowd was treated to a kinetic 45-minute set of throwback power groove by the Athens, Georgia-based duo, unleashing its two-man electrofunk celebration.

Yip Deceiver - Live at Dante's, Portland, OR
Yip Deceiver - Live at Dante's, Portland, OR
Pat Herrera

Davey Pierce and Nicolas "Dobby" Dobbratz brought their infectious electric soul, self-described as “smooth punk”, to the dance floor and transported an unsuspecting crowd back to the electronic dance craze of the 1980s.

Pierce, casually decked out in a Harry Fox t-shirt, jeans, and fire engine-red Adidas high-tops, channeled his best 80s pop mojo. He passionately handled smooth, yet commanding vocals, sequencer, and integral synth riffs with intensity. His counterpart and partner, Dobby, fashioned retro-styled linen dress slacks & suspenders, white long-sleeve dress shirt, multicolored silk tie, and his own red striped Adidas Originals, kicking out some funky bass, percussion, and sampled synth seasonings. Pierce, sang lead through on most tracks but Dobby joined in by providing creatively fused backing harmonies and an occasional lead.

Yip Deceiver showcased the majority of the full-length debut, Medallius, which is a collection of tightly written dance-pop that immediately elicited the crowd to bounce. Pierced kicked off their set with Sadie Hawkins Day from 2011 self-title EP before moving into some new material, the R&B funk of Go On.

With the duo constantly on the move, Pierce belted out the impassioned musings of World Class Pleasure, as Dobby held down the bass. Next was the sassy driven R&B of Presets, complimented by Dobby’s slick back-up vocals and percussion exclamation to the Yip Deceiver joyride.

It wasn’t long before they were sweat-drenched from a lively stage performance. The crowd responded in kind, rolling with the dance groove and cheering approvingly with every tune. If they hadn’t exercised their 80s dance moves in awhile, they were now.

Half way through the evening Yip Deceiver performed a brand new tune, yet untitled, that further solidified the band’s tight compositions and artful lyrics. Pierce and Dobby reached back for another EP tune, the confident, self-affirming For All The Haters, before charging forward with desire-driven Lover, and its vintage New Order synth vibe.

Next to last was Get Strict, reminiscent of a Thomas Dolbly-esque layered shuffle, with its synth pitch-bending vibrato used to perfection before finishing with the propulsive romp of Obnoxia, as Pierce willfully conveyed its lackluster sentiment.

Notable comparisons aside, Yip Deceiver was refreshingly creative and whimsical, offering a seriously focused live show. They provided their own stamp to a contemporary soundtrack of mindfully crafted indie R&B. If you missed them this time around, Pierce indicated he hoped to be back in Portland by the end of summer. If so, stay tuned and get ready to dance!

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