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Yes Buffet features sushi and Mongolian grill

View from Pioneer Pkwy.
View from Pioneer Pkwy.
Jade Clark

Yes Buffet


Upon entering Yes Buffet, patrons are greeted by a host and escorted to a table. A friendly waitress will take your drink order, and your coupons (if you were smart enough to get one from You are then free to mosey on up to the buffet lines. Most nights, you won't find a wait for service or food.

The number of delicious foods is too long to list here. There are nearly a dozen varieties of sushi located on a bar across from the Mongolian grill. Occasionally, you might see the sushi being prepared. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try them all. The Mongolian grill may not have as many options as that of restaurant serving only Mongolian fare.

Options for the kiddos (and grown-ups) who don't like Americanized Asian food are plentiful. There is macaroni & cheese, French fries, chicken nuggets, pizza, salad, and much more. Don't forget the fried bread, a sign of a legit Chinese buffet.

Yes Buffet is located at 980 West Pioneer Parkway, at the corner of Robinson and Pioneer, in Grand Prairie. The building appears to have been a motel at one time. Inside, the decor is bright and modern. Widescreen televisions are set high on two walls, and are usually tuned to news. The floors and buffet tables are noticeably clean and maintained. On a 10/12/2010 health inspection, the restaurant scored a B+ according to the city's website.

The price of the buffet varies depending on time-of-day and age. For adults, lunch is about $5.00, and dinner is $8.00. Children's buffets are $4.25 for ages 4 and older, but free for those under 4. The restaurant opens at 11am every day, and closes at 9:30pm Monday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday, they stay open until 10pm, and on Sunday until 9pm.

Grand Prairie Restaurant Examiner's score:
Atmosphere: 4.0 stars
Cleanliness: 4.5 stars
Taste: 3.5 stars
Service: 4.0 stars


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Do they have steamed crab legs?

  • Profile picture of Michael Clark
    Michael Clark 5 years ago

    I believe I saw that dish there. I know they have crawdaddies.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    do you mean free for kids UNDER 3?
    Yes Buffet used to be a FURRS cafeteria. It is a nice spacious place!

  • Michael Clark 5 years ago

    Yes, that is what I meant. I'll fix it ASAP.

  • Jill C. 5 years ago

    Doesn't sound like my cup of tea but it's good to read a new review by you. ;)

  • Jade =) 5 years ago

    Thumbs up. Heehee.

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