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'Yellow Submarine (1968)' Movie Review: And the band begins to play

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'Yellow Submarine (1968)'


Once upon a time in a land 80,000 leagues under the sea is a place called Pepperland. Now this place is very cool because everyone that lives here loves music. One day Pepperland is invaded by the Blue Meanies. These guys hate all music and all beauty. They freeze everyone in Pepperland except Fred (Lance Percival). Now Fred makes it to the surface world. He makes his way to England, Liverpool to be exact. He runs into a man named Ringo (Ringo Starr) and asks for help. Ringo gathers the other lads John (John Clive) and George Harrison and Paul (Geoffrey Hughes) and they all make their way to the yellow submarine that Fred brought with him.

Now as they travel to Pepperland they will run into some really out there people. One of them is the Nowhere man who happens to live in Nowhere Land. Now the Nowhere man's actual name is Jeremy Hillary Boob PHD (Dick Emery). Now while here their engine conks out and Jeremy is able to fix it. Now Jeremy come along in case the yellow submarine shuts down again.

Now the sub breaks down again and this time though Fred accidentally hits the go switch and leaves everyone stranded. Now they all get to Pepperland about the same time. It is Fred who tells the group that the Lord Mayor can be revived by the hearing of music. Once he does hear the music he is up and about. Now the next crisis is what to do with the Blue Meanies. Well for that answer you have to watch the rest of this animated film.

The music is all sung by the group Paul and John are voiced by other people. The music is of course pure Beatles and is so beautiful. The color graphics make this a blast to watch.

Director George Dunning is wonderful as the man who brings this film all together. He didn't know it at the time but it is a classic to all Beatles fans. So sit back and watch some history and enjoy.