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Xombie's Capital X: Hood Metal At Its Finest

Xombie's Capital X


Described as a hood metal band, Xombie, is definitely different combining rhyming skills with a heavy-hitting backdrop. Their album Capital X is one of the most creative and weighty recordings to emerge in some time. It opens with "Veloca Rapper," that takes the line 'make it rain' and intertwines it with metal rock. It is difficult not to like the result for the drum playing of Eric Castillo, bass of "Cadillac" Michael Martabano, guitar from Robert "Fish" Fishkin and Roya Galvan, and vocals from Atom Crews find a way to ensure that the listener is engaged and captivated by what they are hearing.

Xombie - Capital X

The single, "Rock Bottom," discusses struggles. It is brash, brazen and unveils the harsh realities of hitting rock bottom. Xombie is unforgiving on the cut expressing everything from angst to the assured confidence that there is no way to go but up after hitting 'rock bottom.'

"Polar Ice" is intense metal and features impressive guitar playing. Another rap rock mix, the song successfully distances itself from "Veloca Rapper" and many rocks that have chosen to incorporate rhyming into their songs. The finale, "Friday (You Might Have Missed It)" will undeniably become a favorite on Capital X. The song is relatable to the listener. There is a humorous that the track takes, which is a notable shift from the other cuts presented on Capital X. Nonetheless, it works successfully and effectively.

Xombie has received several accolades including opening for Wu-Tang Clan's Cappadona as well as being a regional winner of The Break contest. The band just raised roughly $11,000 on Kickstarter.

At first listen, it may be easy to compare Xombie to bands like Link Park or Head PE that have been known to include rhyming into their rock songs, but Xombie is different in their relentless approach of not copying what has been done before. Even listeners not necessarily fans of metal will enjoy Capital X and that in itself is a testament to the potentiality of Xombie in the music world.

Final Grade: A

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