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XO Tablet: Great travel tablet for families

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XO Tablet


Mobile devices can provide a great way to keep kids entertained during travel, but it’s important to select a device that allows parents to control the types of content that kids are able to access. A product of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) and produced in conjunction with Vivitar/Sakar, XO Tablet is an ideal mobile device option for family travel.

About the XO Tablet

I received an XO Tablet to review, and I can say firsthand that it is a great option for family travel. The seven-inch XO Tablet is a great choice for family travel for several reasons.

  • Parental Control: XO Tablet provides a high level of parental control, allowing parents to set up separate user accounts for up to three children, each one outfitted with age-appropriate content. It’s super-easy to set up user accounts and specific exactly what content each user is allowed to access.
  • Educational Content: The tablet comes pre-loaded with an outstanding selection of educational content, with curriculum materials from a variety of highly respected sources (including Discovery Communication and Oxford University), something that will definitely appeal to parents who want to encourage their kids to spend their mobile device time engaged in activities that will expand their minds. The tablet is also bilingual, offering all educational content in both Spanish and English.
  • Affordability: Costing less than $80 (including a case), XO Tablet is less expensive than many other available tablet devices. Kids are rough enough on devices on their own to make it easy to see why a low price point is desirable. Compound that with the potential for damage or loss associated with travel and the affordable price becomes even more appealing. Even if your kids already have a more expensive tablet for home or school use, investing in an XO Tablet for travel could be a good idea.
  • Fully Functional Tablet: Even though the device is inexpensive, XO Tablet is a fully-functional Android tablet when operated in password-protected parent mode. This means that adults can use the device to search the Internet, as well as install and use any of their favorite Android apps, without having to be concerned that their children will inadvertently access content not appropriate for their age.

Great Travel Option

All-in-all, if you’re looking for a low-cost tablet that each member of your family can use – regardless of age – when you’re traveling (or otherwise), XO tablet is a great option. XO Tablet is available from ToysRUs and Amazon, among other retailers.