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X-Men Days of Future Past

What does the past hold for the future?

X-men Days of Future Past


Wow!!! What can be said of this most recent of the X-men's movies. For those who have been following the series of extraordinary mutants, this was the one to see.

Some of us are old enough to remember getting real comic books at the real store to read with our own eyes. These X-men were some of the better stories besides the Marvel heroes.

The films have been enlightening in not only the lives of how some humans are forced to live but also in how to make movies of favorite heroes of the culture.

Normally, X-men were part of a group who were not rebelling against the society but attempting to keep society safe from the rebellers.

Now society has taken a stand against those who were keeping the world safe. After all the movies of how these men came to become part of the normal societies conversations, they have become the hunted themselves.

A few of the other movies have done recreations of the past bringing the audience up to speed on politics and history. This movie goes beyond to the 1970's when the world was a very different place, during the Vietnam war.

The various characters get to have an opportunity in showing their style but the main focus of the movie is on the mind, clarifying the motives and designs of both the public view as well as the policies which govern threats towards any nation.

It is interesting to watch as the main character Hugh Jack man's Wolverine takes over for Professor Xavier, played by Patrick Stewart. The audience is transported back to the past where the favorite Professor is a very different man walking around but not doing as much talking as in the other movies.

The part that is the hardest is how much of the future will be altered by going into the past. This is the question scientists have been asking from the beginning of time. The essential idea of the movie is to alter the mistakes they as a group made by not getting somewhere soon enough, in the end it will alter their entire lives.

The film is full of surprises right to the end, when finally all the hard work of the characters in the past pays off for the future. Some of the hidden clues have been inserted in other movies, providing highlights for the faithful as they sit through full length of the movie to the very end.

The audience find themselves in a quandary as to whether or not the past should have been altered in any way, while some things never change regardless of how much information is provided ahead of time.

The settings and scenery are breathtaking as is the full involvement of both the good and the bad guys in order to alter the events that neither of them want to unfold, finding the true meaning of humanity.

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