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WWE Universe outshine's WWE at this years Royal Rumble!

Bray Wyatt is my 2014 Royal Rumble MVP!
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WWE Royal Rumble 2014


The 2014 WWE Royal Rumble kicked off the Road to WrestleMania in Pittsburgh on Jan.26th! I took the journey through the snow to be apart of the hottest crowd I have seen in person. From the start of the show till the very end, the crowd reminded me of a classic ECW venue that stayed hot. I can't say the same for the pay per view itself.

The night started with the New Age Outlaws beating the Rhodes brothers for the tag team titles in the kick off show. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg won their first WWE tag championship in 14 years. The PPV was underway with Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt in what should be a 'match of the year' nominee. The WWE universe in Pittsburgh were heavily into this match as Bray Wyatt pulled off a clean win over the fan favorite. The 'Yes Movement' was in full go as the Universe in attendance showed more than just a little favor with the match these two put on. Bray Wyatt (probably the best gimmick in years) vs. Daniel Bryan (probably the best wrestler in years) put an exclamation point on their short lived feud.The next bout saw Brock Lesnar beat the Paul Wright out of the Big Show with a chair and then an impressive F5 (I would rethink calling this guy out).

The WWE world heavyweight title match between Randy Orton and John Cena got a big reaction from the Pittsburgh crowd, but not the kind wwe was hoping for. "Boring" chants, "Daniel Bryan" chants (and just about every chant besides my Brian Kendrick chant, I was alone in that one) and a pretty great wave took place during the match. Pittsburgh did NOT want to see John Cena/Randy Orton for the 20th time (exagerrating but it's got to be close) as it garnered reactions from both wrestlers during the match. The universe spoke loud and clear that they wanted to see Daniel Bryan in that main event. A huge "Thank You Wyatt's" chant broke out as the trio interrupted to cost Cena the title and Randy to walk very slowly with both titles for another PPV.

The Royal Rumble match was a let down considering few surprises (Kevin Nash, JBL) and a return of two guys the WWE loves to push in Sheamus and Batista. Roman Reigns shined in this main event breaking the record for most eliminations and squaring off with Batista at the end. The crowd, who was heavily against Batista winning, got very loud in support of Reigns only to see him get eliminated by the DC Native. Batista raised his arms, pointed at the WrestleMania sign and was booed heavily! Perhaps the anticipation of another surprise entrant was the fault of the crowd, but to have a guy like Batista win to get the Main Event did not sit well with the universe. The fans that "hyjacked" the pay per view (hopefully this continues) were using their voice to try to change the storylines that appear to be unfolding. I don't like to read and report speculation, but and it looks like the Universe's reaction on Rumble night could change the booking leading into the biggest pay per view of the year.