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Writing as a form of magic, connecting women across the internet

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Writing is an art form, and for many, a source of healing. As women we have endured many challenges and sometimes trauma that impacts the way we function, live and breathe. Everyone needs to find their outlet for beginning the healing process to integrate more love and laughter into our lives. What I love about writing is that it allows the writer to dump a whole lot of words onto the page and eventually something magical comes out of that. Writing is connected to our inner-most thoughts and desires and we can craft the written word the way we want it to look, to feel and to sound.

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A fellow writer, a friend, and woman full of spirit, Jennifer Armas brought me into the light of a blog tour that connects writers from anywhere and everywhere to link to one another and share their stories. Together, one by one, we are sharing our writing process so others may hold space for us, be inspired and continue their own journey of writing. What I love about Jennifer's blog piece is this part she writes "If I don't write and dance and sing and act, something inside begins to shrivel up." How true this is for artists of any medium. Without the tools and opportunity to express oneself through writing, arts, crafts, movement, etc, we lose the ability to self-heal. We must remember to always tap into that, on a regular basis.

To answer a few questions about my writing style, here it is. I was asked what I'm working on, how my work differs from others, why do I write what I do and how does my process work? I started writing here at Examiner about women's health so women can continue getting to know their own bodies and having the information on how to heal it. I also write for Examiner about free and low-cost activities to do in our great city of Albuquerque. I do this because I care about families spending time together, having fun and engaging as a family. A writer once told me that in order to improve my writing, I must read, a lot. So I do, and I think this is what sets me apart from some writers, is that I think I read 10 times more than I actually write. In turn, my writing improves all the time. My process begins in my head. I start thinking of the words for an article while looking at the world around me. This can happen hours, days, weeks or even years before I sit and actually write it. I like gathering details before typing out the actual words and am pleased with the results when I do.

I was hoping to inspire two more writers to pass the baton to of this blog tour. However, since I was unable to, here are a few blogs that inspire many women to love themselves, heal their bodies and love life. 'Plus Size Princess' is a blog dedicated to the body positivism of women of any size, but in particular plus-size women. She posts fashion tips, real life stories, inspirational blogs and sometimes even the real struggles many of us face. She keeps it real for those of us still looking for those of us craving real women talk. The other blog I want to highlight is 'Girls Just Wanna Have Funds' that gives easy-to-understand financial advice for women. I look forward to her blog postings because I appreciate her giving us real life tips on how to manage our money in a successful way. Women should know about their finances and this blog helps us do that in a manageable way. I also love her budget worksheets to manage my own spending. Best of all, both 'Plus Size Princess' and 'Girls Just Wanna Have Funds' are both written by women of color. It's wonderful seeing these women as leaders and writers in the online community.