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'Wreck-It Ralph' is awesome

Wreck-It Ralph


This year, one of the Academy Award nominees for Best Animated Film is "Frozen," complete with pretty princesses, majestic mountains and noble steeds. Many of the best animated movies of all-time have been released by Walt Disney Pictures. In 2012, they produced "Wreck-It Ralph," an Oscar nominated movie with an unconventional cast of characters populating a kingdom in a video arcade.

In "Wreck-It Ralph," Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) is the unhappy villain in a 1980s arcade game. The put upon hero has been the bad guy for many years and wants to be seen as a good guy. But the good guy in his game is Felix, who wins a lot of medals. Ralph wants to win a medal, so he goes outside his game, hoping to win one. He ends up going into a racing game, where he meets Vanellope (voiced by Sarah Silverman). Like Ralph, Vanellope does not get a lot of respect and wants a medal. They form a partnership when they realize they need each other.

Ralph and Vanellope are a great team. They do not like each other at first, but they eventually become friends. John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman both give great performances. Another memorable character is Calhoun, a tough female sergeant in a shooter game. She is played very well by Jane Lynch.

"Wreck-It Ralph" features many great action sequences. The racing scenes are a lot of fun to watch. One reason these scenes work is because the animation looks amazing.

"Wreck-It Ralph" is an excellent choice for fans of animation who need a princess reprieve. It is also a great choice for fans of video games as it features several cameos from veteran video game characters.