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Wow, what 45 years has done

There are still children at play after all these years desiring to be part of the earth
There are still children at play after all these years desiring to be part of the earth

Spring festival


For 45 years the Whole Earth festival has been going on at the UC Davis campus. This was one of the original back to nature or natural element exhibits or festivals.

This is one of the main events remembering not only mother earth but also the idea of reversing the cause and effect of the industrial revolution which brought us into the modern world but without the natural elements we are still need to enjoy our lives.

It still has the means to draw persons from all walks of life, even whole female families arrive with lunch boxes and chairs to enjoy the music on Sunday, Mothers day.

The event was originated to improve the earth's balance as the mother of nature. It is celebrated on Mothers day weekend and many come for the pleasure of giving their mothers or daughters a unique view of the world.

The music includes original folk tunes from the seventies as well as modern new age music and a few rock groups. There are at least three stages of performers which include dance exhibits as well as demonstrations.

The colorful tie die clothes of the hippie era can still be seen and bought at 21st century price. There are also plain colored items of clothing of cotton or silk from various places who promote the cottage industry.

These people or vendors are mainly home grown businesses who sell their own products, most of them hand made. There are a variety of craft items, from jewelry, pottery, iron works, clothe products such as hats, and other items such as henna tattoos.

Despite the windy conditions this was a perfect weekend to enjoy the music on the grass with your own food, or with many of the items for sale which promote vegetarianism or good health.

There is also the enjoyment of watching children learn hula dancing as well as other types of ethnic dance moves, or to take advantage of the massage therapist or other types of readings available.

Over all a pleasant weekend to spend with or without a friend in tow who might remember to stop on their drive by's to remember the mother who once took care of them or to cause a new one to become a mother for the first time, all under the open air of the Quad.