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Wow! Relief from leg pain, ankle swelling - energy and vigor - from socks?

VIM&VIGR Compression socks
Sheila Murrey

VIM & VIGR Compression socks - Women's Knee-High


Many people deal with pain everyday. Family, friends, coworkers, and others you encounter every day have pain in their back, feet, legs, and so on - pretty much anywhere in their body. In particular, leg issues - including unsightly and painful varicose veins, well okay only the ladies seem to complain about varicose veins.

A couple of weeks ago a reader reached out to me about some cute new socks a person can wear that helps prevent or reduce varicose veins in the legs, aids in leg injury recovery, or promotes cardiovascular / circulatory health, and creates more energy and vigor in the body!

Perhaps you're recovering from a leg or other cardiovascular injury where you've been told you need to wear compression socks... well ladies there's great news! (Not to worry men, styles will be available for you soon)!

Actually, I wasn't too thrilled when I first heard the term "compression sock" because the ones I remember my family and friends wearing years ago were not very pretty, (actually they were pretty ugly with open toes). As well, those old compression socks were hard to put on, very thick and heavy (made from dense material) - so living in Florida (or any warm climate), I didn't know how anyone would be very comfortable wearing them!!

Granted, if a doctor ordered you to wear them, I guess you'd suffer through it. You wouldn't have had much choice as to the comfort or wear ability. But, now you have a fabulous choice!

I received two pair of very pretty VIM&VIGR compression socks to review. Somewhat skeptical I put one sock on, took a picture and thought... hmm will I really be able to wear these - even for a few hours - in order to give a fair review and write about my experience?

Well, I am here to tell you - these NEW compression socks are quite beautiful, stylish, light weight, and very easy to put on and wear ALL DAY!

I've alternated between wearing two pairs of these gorgeous socks this week at work. I sit most all day at a computer so though I didn't know I needed to wear compression socks, I sure feel better from doing so!

I'm excited to tell you - I've had more energy in my legs this week, less tension too! What's better? I've had absolutely no swelling in my ankles (something that happens to me on a semi-regular schedule) especially on airplane rides or long trips in the car. So, overall I am thrilled!!

Now I realize not everyone may care about how pretty and stylish these socks are. For instance, if you're an older person living in an assisted living facility, or you're buying these for a person in the hospital or assisted living facility - then again perhaps it could just be the thing to cheer them up!

As well, I've heard about some trend where older folks still live it up, so to speak - some still want to look nice, dare I say perhaps even sexy? So I'll bet at least a few of the ladies in an assisted living home would enjoy these socks to add some zip in their step - literally!

I hadn't even read much about the company until today because none of that would matter very much if I wasn't pleased with these socks. Now that I have, I'm even more impressed! A self-starter type of gal started this company and what a cool start-up small business!

I am glad I can be one of the first to review and blog about these colorful and chic socks! Something so easy to wear that can provide such a wonderful healthy experience!

I learned about deep vein thrombosis and post thrombotic syndrome while researching for a couple previous articles I authored (My previous articles: "Natural beauty report deep vein thrombosis and post thrombotic syndrome" and "Natural beauty report varicose veins"). And from what I learned writing those articles was enough to make me curious how we might prevent or put off those ill effects. If wearing these socks can prevent those problems, then by all means... count me in!

Here's more information about these fantastic socks, how they work, where to buy, etc. and please send me a note how they help you!

Here's the deal:

VIM & VIGR was founded in 2013 in Missoula, Montana. You can reach them via their website here:

The scenario: You sit most all day, without taking a break, much less getting any exercise. Perhaps you work at a desk job. Or, you stand all day! Either way, your going to thank me when you try a pair or two of these incredible socks - check out these benefits:

  1. Knitted with an advanced Gradient Pressure(TM) technology
  2. Gradual compression starts at the ankle (15mmHg to 20mmHg) progressing up the leg
  3. Energizes the legs
  4. Prevents swelling of the ankle and legs
  5. Alleviates aches and that heavy feeling in the legs
  6. Prevents and reduces varicose and spider veins in the legs
  7. Aids in muscle recovery
  8. $29.95 - $34.95 per pair
  9. Many colors and sexy styles to choose from! See them all on their website:

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, vibrant, and beautiful. Be who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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