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Woven textile design

Jan Shenton
Jan ShentonLaurence King

Woven Textile Design


Jan Shenton is a weaver who is also an international textile designer. She has worked with fashion designers Ralph Lauren, Diane von Furstenberg, Polo, Louis Vuitton... Her book, "Woven Textile Design" is a chance to learn about developing your own textile designs using various fibers, yarns and materials, woven together with different structures to create fabrics. See how colors blend and mix in the process.

You will learn about designing plain weave all the way to double cloth and the variations in between. The photographs are very detailed and clear. There are diagrams, weaving plans, line drawings and designer pieces of cloth that will give you inspiration. It is filled with tips and solutions.

This is not a book for beginners. Knowledge and prior experience are required. That being said, this book shows beginners how far they can go creating unique and beautiful textiles. There are completed pieces using lurex, nylon and silk filament that you would see on the runway. Have you been wanting to add a pleat into your weaving, creating surface movement? It is all here, texture in the fibers and texture in the weave structure.

Take your idea from concept to fruition with stunning results. "Woven Textile Design" is aimed at students. Though anyone who is a fiber addict, will see the potential weaving offers. Imagine what you want to weave and Jan will help to take you there.

Laurence King's books are well done. Enjoy "Fiber For Fashion - the complete guide of natural and man-made fibers"and "Felt Dogs".