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Would you "Ride Along" with Kevin Hart?

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Ride Along


Kevin Hart and Ice Cube star in the ridiculous, but funny “Ride Along.” Has there been a movie that Ice Cube has been in that hasn’t been ridiculous? Hart plays Ben Barber, a security officer hoping to become a cop and dating the sister of James Peyton (Ice Cube). James doesn’t approve of Ben and tells him that he has to prove himself worthy to marry his sister, Angela (Tika Sumpter). As a test of skills, James asks Ben on a ride along for a day. Ben thinks that due to his expertise playing war video games, he is a shoe-in for the police academy and will be an asset on the ride along.

The odd couple pairing is like that of Chris Farley and David Spade in “Tommy Boy” where one person is all business and one person is just for along for the ride. James and his crew (John Leguizamo and Bryan Callen) is hunting down a criminal named Omar (Laurence Fishburne) whom no one has seen since he was a kid, but Omar killing people and corrupting the city and has for years.

During James and Ben’s ride along, James sets him up with low-action stops like loitering and finding out information from a kid on the playground. But inexplicably, Ben ends up providing some key clues for James about Omar and the hunt for him continues. There is a predictable twist, an oxymoron of sorts, that is yawn worthy, but fortunately, Hart a.k.a. Black Hammer and his squeaky voice make for some laugh out loud moments.

The action scenes are still doused with humor and the funny scenes are a mix of physical comedy and one liners from Hart. The best scene is Hart’s “Training Day” moment which is like a caricature of one of Denzel Washington’s best roles. It’s an easy comedy meaning that there will be plenty of laughs; there just might be some eye rolls too when the characters go for the easy jokes.

After a couple months of serious films as Hollywood preps for awards season, it was fun just to see a silly movie. Hart is my top funny guy and he didn't disappoint. Just when he starts to borderline become annoying, he does something that makes you realize why he is such a lovable comedian.

Final words: If you don't feel like something silly, stay at home. If you are heart Hart, kick back and enjoy some laughs.