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World War Z stands up for an hour 55 minutes

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June 19 Arclight Theaters had an advanced showing of Brad Pitt’s new movie World War Z a movie about the world which is being overrun by an unknown infection that turns human beings into engines of destruction, with a running time of one hour and 55 minutes. But even though it's a lengthy time for a movie it is one that you will enjoy until the end. The story holds the viewer, and with the help of a very fine supporting cast this movie allows you to eat plenty of popcorn.

Brad Pitt, who produced the movie and plays a role of a retired UN investigator that is not perfect, makes mistakes giving the character more depth as an unlikely hero. For a movie that could have shown itself as a blood bath displays a remarkable amount of restraint by giving the viewer a chance to imagine what could have happened instead of just showing the carnage.

For the many that have heard of all the controversy surrounding this movie, even Pitt agreed to have the ending rewritten by one of the writers of the television series Lost; the finished product is well crafted.

It makes you wonder why the movie was pulled from its original release date by Paramount Pictures. They may have wanted to maximize income by turning it into a 3-D affair. Although this movie is being promoted as a 3-D movie, from the visual aspect of things that may have been a secondary thought, so save your money 2-D will be just fine. The director of photography and the director of the movie set off a course of events that would horrify anyone sitting in traffic. You may find you will have problems the next time you are stuck in your vehicle wondering what’s ahead that could be causing so much trouble. Of course the zombies are the real stars in this movie and will give you just enough to keep you alive with anticipation that there could be a new zombie franchise in town.