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World War Z official trailer released (video)

World War Z trailer


Tonight on Entertainment Tonight, the official trailer for the movie adaptation of World War Z was finally released.

Brad Pitt runs from the critics for World War Z.
Brad Pitt runs from the critics for World War Z.

You can view it in the player on the left of this page.

Then be as shockingly disappointed as I am.

Max Brooks’ bestselling book is one of the greatest works of zombie and horror literature, presenting a global collection of oral histories about how mankind repelled the zombie apocalypse.

The new film, which became a source of epic contention between its star/producer Brad Pitt who wanted to stay much closer to the original material and the movie studio, has been lowered into a CGI-packed action film for theaters’ lowest common denominators.

There are no digitized hive-minded, high speed zombies in Brooks' classic. Where is the heart and the innovate individual struggle?

And, as two people have pointed out to me in the last ten minutes, shouldn’t ever zombie trailer have at least one shock shot actually showing a zombie?

Judge the trailer yourself. And then run, but don’t climb all over yourself in a lame CGI fashion, to your local book dealer like the Boulder Book Store or the Tattered Cover in Denver a get a copy of the real deal.

The original trailer source can be found here. The official movie site is

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