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Work for Judge Mathis at Home!

Become a courthouse researcher for Judge Mathis!
Become a courthouse researcher for Judge Mathis!

Courthouse Researchers


In their own words, “Judge Mathis is looking for courthouse researchers all over the country [U.S.]."

Who is Judge Mathis?

Judge Mathis is a celebrity judge known for his advocacy campaigns for equal justice. Millions of people watch him everyday on the popular TV show Judge Mathis.

What is courthouse researchers?

A courthouse researcher is responsible for retrieving important documents at a courthouse. The documents (marriage records, tax liens, judgements, divorces, etc.), are public information and anyone request the information.

Why is this considered an at-Home job?

As a courthouse researcher, you are generally considered an independent contractor. You will not be responsible for coming into a work office to complete your tasks. You will be responsible for retrieving the documents without micro-management; however, there may be a certain time frame to deliver the information.

To apply, please visit: or fax a copy or your resume to 1-877-721-9191.

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