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Women's Prosperity Network 5th Anniversary Celebration (Photos)

The 3 sisters who created a new collaborative style of networking for women and a growing number of men.
The 3 sisters who created a new collaborative style of networking for women and a growing number of men.
Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr and Susan Ronis Wiener

Women's Prosperity Network 5th Anniversary Celebration Mastermind Breakfast Event


Women’s Prosperity Network celebrated its 5th Anniversary on Saturday, March 16, 2013, at the West Palm Beach Marriott Hotel. The turnout was so great that the leaders had to use the large ballroom to accommodate all the women attendees. The format was their signature Mastermind Breakfast, an opportunity for women to connect, to share, to brainstorm, to collaborate and to create lasting business and personal friendships.

Who are the Women of WPN?

  • Women creating, embracing and living life on their own terms
  • Women with a commitment to excellence
  • Women with passion, drive and talent that they willingly share with others
  • Women who believe in being real, getting real and achieving real results!

It all began 5 years ago when 3 sisters, Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr, and Susan Ronis Wiener, decided they were tired of the traditional networking events they had attended. You know those events, the kind where everyone walks up to everyone they meet, hands out a business card, and moves on. The goal at these events is to collect business cards, enter them into your database, and then barrage them with phone calls and emails to enroll them in your own business. Rarely is the goal of the attendees to ask the people they meet: “How can I help you?”

For the first 4 years the Mastermind Breakfasts and Luncheons were held only in South Florida in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Soon, the networking extended to the internet with coaching calls, mastermind groups, teleclasses, webinars and more. Women from other parts of Florida and even more distant cities began to attend the yearly “Unconference” and some of the other South Florida WPN events. Gradually, over time, several of these women began to ask to have WPN events locally in their own towns. And so the expansion began.

At this point, WPN has partnered with several new leaders to bring this unique networking experience to Brevard County, Stewart, Tampa, Miami and Tallahassee in Florida. And – they have expanded further to Atlanta, Philadelphia and they are continuing to branch out to other cities.

The yearly “Unconference” introduces the South Florida community to some of the top thought leaders, best-selling authors, celebrities, as well as marketing and sales experts. A few years ago the conference featured the well-known, prolific co-author of the Chicken Soup series, Jack Canfield. This year’s conference featured an amazing sales and marketing pro, Loral Langemeier, as well as the well-known businessman, Stedman Graham. Each conference includes an extra day of business building strategies and personal coaching to guide the attendees to focus on and implement their business and life goals.

It is a joy to participate in these regular Breakfast and Brainstorming Mastermind events. Women seem to blossom and develop into their own unique greatness right before our eyes. Each woman shines her own special light, offers her own talents and experience, and the overall attitude is one of caring, sharing and collaborating.

The group is led by the WPN motto: “We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.” Under the astute guidance of the WPN leaders, women learn how to build relationships one person at a time, view every person they meet as possibly "the one," and willingly collaborate with and support each other to reach our chosen goals.


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