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Women and facial hair, using Bump Patrol for women's shaving

Is Bump Patrol effective on women's skin?
Is Bump Patrol effective on women's skin?
Photo courtesy of Gwen V.

Bump Patrol Sensitive Formula After Shave Razor Bump Treatment


Women get waxes and constantly shave to get rid of excess facial hair. Unlike with men, a woman with a moustache, beard, neck hair, furry eyebrows or thick sideburns is not considered attractive. Although products like Bump Patrol are geared towards men, there are women who could benefit from using the product, too.

Gwen V., a Chicagoan who has dealt with facial hair being hereditary in her family, has tried everything from Nair, her husband's Colgate shaving gel, soap and water, and electronic gadgets that suck hair out of pores. She refuses to try waxing because of the stinging pain that usually results while it's being done.

Using razors, even women's razors, had always been a problem and would leave her with razor bumps. Plucking hair with tweezers worked for awhile, but the hair would come back quickly and she found it easier to get someone else to do it. However, with a hand-held electronic hair removal device, the machine could sense where neck hair was and snatch it out. This is why she chose the electronic device. While the handheld electronic product didn't leave razor bumps behind and worked, Gwen V. was left with a hurt neck and two weeks later, the hair came right back. Using the machine more often increased marks and irritation.

So she agreed to try Bump Patrol, which promised to eliminate razor bumps with its Sensitive soft gel and shaving cream.

"I didn’t want to wash it off because it smells good," said Gwen V. "I thought with aftershave I’m going to smell like a man, and it doesn’t. It’s got a nice little mellow smell. Men’s aftershave smells manly, but this one smells like bubble bath."

While Bump Patrol doesn't currently have a women's aftershave and shave gel, Sensitive Formula Aftershave Razor Bump Treatment was recommended for women by 30-year master barber Will Williams, the Director of Education and New Product Development for M&M Products.

This is the only product by M&M Products that can be used for those who are allergic to aspirin, too. The product promises to get rid of bumps fast and consumers should notice a difference in 48 hours. However, as with any razor, be careful about not just the ingredients in the shaving cream but the razor, too.

Gwen V. admitted that she didn't shower before using the product and ended up with a razor cut.

"I had finished shaving," she said. "I thought ‘That was kinda smooth’ and I found one piece of hair and went over it again. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have wet it again. When I went over it again, it was dry and that’s when I cut myself.”

Williams' advice on why a person should shave while showering or right after a shower: "The best time to shave is in the shower or immediately after leaving the shower. The next thing you want to do is put on a shave gel, like the Bump Patrol shave gel, to hold that water in your face. As soon as that water is on your face it's trying to evaporate off of your face. Now you want to have a really good razor, and I recommend those multi-blade razors. You want to keep that razor wet and warm, and you want to shave in the direction that the hair is growing in."

Two days later, Gwen V., was asked whether she'd use the Bump Patrol product again.

"Yes, I like it," she said. "I was hesitant to use the maximum strength, but I'll try that, too. I'm going to see if my husband wants to use it even though he usually just uses soap and water."

Gwen V. visibly didn't have any signs of razor bumps, which is unusual for her considering they usually show up the same day or the next day at the latest.

"I didn't end up with razor bumps," she confirmed. "And I'll make sure my skin is wet next time so I don't end up with another razor nick."

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