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A reality so terrifying, sometimes it is hard to know who life imitates as art or terror best. The wolf or the vampire.


By Julie D. Griffin

Once upon a time, a woman named Misty Brew hosted a Creature Feature TV Show on KBSI TV 23.
Once upon a time, a woman named Misty Brew hosted a Creature Feature TV Show on KBSI TV 23.
K.B.S.I. T.V. 23
A wolf at midnight and a ripe, full moon, the voluptuous sound of a growling horse ~ A trick of the ear and a bask of evil passion.
Timexx Seabaugh

The Awakening of Misty Brew and the Wolf of Jack Nicholson meant the singular vision of one thing. Suddenly, they wished they could both see a pearl. Something found alit upon and laying on the cloud of a certain heaven, which perhaps an eruption from the shell of the oyster, would quench both the passion of the wolf and the hungry bite of a rising vampire. Whether the critique hinges on the rusty hasp of a coffin slowly opening for the receptivity of the have nots, as is this a literary social critique, and as if a more turning, turning, turning and dipping into the nice, cool, walls of childhood. After all, even Misty Brew knows that to everything there is a season. No April fools.

The head star of Wolf, who also an actor beyond his years of expertise at even a very young age,. his timeless 1994 horror film and the hours he must have spent preparing for actual filming, the horror story genre here faced the factual exhibit of the true and real werewolf. And just as Horror Host, Misty Brew enters her awakening after a thousand years asleep of the underground, the saga of As The Coffin Creaks, suddenly turns as an event likely well-remembered by the still handsome, ever sauve', and growing better with age Jack Nicholson himself ~ The Happening. And like most people in show business, Misty Brew just like all of the other movie star men of course want to be married to someone at least eight-hundred years younger.

It seemed that the night Jack drove down one east coast road, he was in search of something. He did not know what. And then the wolf as it were in the form of Michelle Pfeiffer found or rather smitten him by way of her teeth. So even though while most Horror Show hosts borderline on a G-rating, some horror films make that sudden turn and get R-Rated overnight, if you know what I mean. And just as Jack had no more control over a certain and nightly progressing transformation from man to wolf, it seemed that Misty Brew and Michelle Pfeiffer had already beat him, so to speak, and in the most loving and polite way to the punch.

And so, as his destiny, the plan of life for Jack as a werewolf unfolded, he began to go to some Indian perfectors, who had already mastered the shaman arts, and found there some more very interesting facts. For example, if a wolf bites you on the wrist, you will become a wolf. If Jack according to the Indian shaman would bite him on the wrist, he too could perhaps have eternal life. And as if childhood had rebourne him right then and there, the wolf at times might even had craved a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. Although, what he really ate was blood.

And so as the crave of the whole thing comes full-circle, it did seem that the Wolf man of Jack Nicholson and freshly renewed Horror Host, Misty Brew both awaken at midnight tonight on April 1, 2014 for the joined and singular one reason alone. Blood and more blood. There is nothing they both want more than anything else on the earth and with more vehemence, nothing so perfecting as this. Of course, Jack as the wolfman makes a better conversationalist, and as he makes a brilliant social commentary on the first feminist act of ownership within the scenario of the film ~ As the film clearly displays, Pfeiffer as a surprise and secret character traps him first as her partner, and although the story of the film ends without clearly showing who he chose, it is also not clear which came first, the form of the wolf or the warning of the horse.