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Witty banter and sharp casting make Bay Players 'The Odd Couple' a delight

The Odd Couple


What makes Neil Simon’s award-winning, classic play, ‘The Odd Couple’ so magnificent is the sheer complexity and hilarity of two unlikely friends striving to embrace each other’s differences. Director Phil Markella, sharp casting, and witty banter enliven Bay Players of Duxbury’s ‘The Odd Couple’ into a tumult of belly laughs, which is set at a poker game in a messy apartment in New York City. Visit for more information.

Doug MacAskill as Oscar Madison and Michael Bradley as Felix Unger
Courtesy of Bay Players of Duxbury

Working up to the appearance of opposites Felix and Oscar is as appealing as the two lead’s fine performances. The supporting cast is impressive, made up of Murray, played with loveably gruff machismo by Craig Whitford, Roy, played sensibly by Michael Whelan, Vinnie, portrayed with excitable sweetness by Joshua Heard, and Howard Scott as Speed stands out, his raspy voice and exasperated frustration is a highlight. By the time Oscar and Felix make an appearance, the group’s chatter has brought Felix and Oscar to legendary status.

Wearing a backwards baseball cap, a distinct, resounding voice, and self-described as “divorced, broke, and sloppy,” Doug MacAskell embodies Oscar Madison with a recognizable flicker of Jack Klugman. His relaxed stance and easygoing mannerisms make MacAskell a natural fit for this role.

Wearing a drab suit, tie, and riddled with neurosis, Michael Bradley portrays Felix Unger with dramatic intensity. Bradley’s jittery spasms against Oscar’s laid back ways give the two an easy, balanced repor and unmistakable chemistry. Cicely and Gwendolyn, portrayed by Jena Walsh and Alison Hutchinson, give a bubbly, refreshing performance as British sisters. With witty zingers galore and a shared camaraderie, it is easy to see why ‘The Odd Couple’ is beloved by so many.

Produced by Maura Troiano, The Bay Players of Duxbury concludes Neil Simon’s award-winning play of ‘The Odd Couple’ on Saturday, March 29 at First Parish Church 842 Tremont Street (Rte. 3a) in Duxbury, Massachusetts at 8 p.m. Click here for tickets and visit to learn more about Bay Players of Duxbury’s upcoming productions!