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'Without Warning' Blu-ray/DVD Review

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'Without Warning'


Picture this: A quiet, peaceful woods with a lovely stream running through it. The torment of the big city far behind, and fresh, pure air rejuvenating the soul. Who wouldn't love it? Well, one towering Alien complete with an arsenal of fleshy, living ninja stars later and you that's who! Director Greydon Clark's 1980 extraterrestrial horror show 'Without Warning' is one big mess of a misfire that just might work if one puts the film itself aside and focuses on the cast instead.

'Without Warning' is a typical creature feature us verses them adventure that should just as well have been left in the can until the true 'Predator' came out to play some seven years later. No, it is the cast that saves this beast. We get appearances from television, film, and stage star Cameron Mitchell, Oscar winning character actor Martin Landau, Hollywood heavy Neville Brand, television staple Larry Storch, a very young David Caruso, and saving the best for last, movie legend Jack Palance. Watching them all try to survive this tedious tale of humans being hunted is a laugh riot especial Mr. Palence who at one point seems to be trying to overcome a stroke rather than an alien attacker. Mr. Landau is not far behind in his crazed army veteran paranoia dance performance.

Scream Factory has once again given us the very best they can in this Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. This low budget forgotten gem looks and sounds better than it even has. The special features include Audio Commentary with producer/director Greydon Clark, New Interviews with Cinematographer Dean Cundey, Co-Writer/Co-Producer Daniel Grodnik, Special Make-Up Effects Creator Greg Cannom and Actors Christopher S. Nelson and Tarah Nutter, as well as the typical theatrical trailer and still gallery. These bonuses round out the package adequately.

Horror comes in all shapes and sizes and there is enough mayhem and gore here to satisfy most scare junkies. If ever the outer space invasions actually begin we know who to call. Thank you has-been Hollywood one and all.