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"Without Annette"- Anything can happen!

Comedy Improv


"Without Annette," now in its run at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, is a double-cast, hilarious presentation of what can evolve when a play is set in an improv class. On the particular performance I attended, the cast included: Joell Posey; Corinne Dekker; Christina Engelhardt; Donna Du Bain; Kyle Klein; Bill Chott; Brice Williams; Mark Beltzman; Willem Van de Vegt; Shea Scullin; and Alex Ball. Attending this show promises an evening of intelligent, creative, 'think on your feet' improvisation, presented by Juber Productions, in association with Green Door Productions. The script is by celebrated character actor/coach Jeff Doucette (Desperate Housewives, Newhart), in collaboration with Hope Juber (It's the Housewives; A Very Brady Musical).

The actors onstage are all in "Sam's Improv Workshop," experimenting with various scenarios, including suggestions and themes, from the live audience, making for a creative, original show each and every performance. Part 'game show,' part 'mad libs,' part scripted, and mostly pure improv, each actor or team of actors is presented with a particular story to tell, each one in a sweet, touching, heartfelt, and humorous way. Real life issues of the class members seem to intermingle with the themes and scenarios presented. The situations, whether being a mother/son relationship; a housewife trying to reinvent herself; or a gothic teen are all raw and intense in one.

For those seeking a live, 'never a dull moment,' night of Improv, quite reminiscent of the work done on Chicago's Second City stage, this is the show to see-- talented comic actors playing everyday real people. It's easy to see why this show has already received wide acclaim and accolades.

Runs Thursday nights through October 2nd

Whitefire Theatre 13500 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks CA

www.plays411 (323) 960-5773