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Witchly power faces ancient evil in Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts

Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts
cover art copyright to Jove Books

Nora Roberts Three Sisters Island trilogy


The books of bestselling author Nora Roberts need no introduction, but if you've never read her, and are a paranormal romance fan, you probably can't go wrong with her Three Sisters Island series. In the first book in the series, DANCE UPON THE AIR, she takes the reader back again into history to wind around present day troubles. Three hundred (or so) years ago, the witch trials raged throughout Europe, and in small pockets, in America. When three sisters flee Salem, fearing accusation and execution as witches, their safe haven, Three Sisters Island, is created.

In present day, Nell Channing flees to Three Sisters Island, for her own safety, escaping from an abusive, obsessive, very rich, and powerful husband, Evan Remington, and planning to make a new life for herself, hoping Evan never finds out she survived the car crash that supposedly took her life. In taking the first steps to a new life, here on Three Sisters Island, Nell runs across two very charming, very different women; the first, Mia, a witch herself, fully embraces the legend of Three Sisters Island, and feels herself to be one of the three reincarnated sisters. When Nell comes skittishly through the door of her bookstore, Mia instantly sees the connecting thread between them, believes her to be a Sister, as well, and takes Nell under her wing. The second woman Nell meets, the stoic Deputy Ripley Todd, has grown up with the legend of the three sisters, and with Mia, and rejects both. It is with much coaxing, and more importantly, the interest that Ripley's brother Zack takes in Nell, that Ripley too becomes to feel protective of Nell.

With Mia, Nell slowly learns what she is—a witch, and a powerful one, at that; from Mia, she learns to embrace her powers. With Ripley, she slowly comes to find a friend, one who will risk everything to keep her safe. With Zack, Nell struggles to learn that she can trust a man, again, and to love one, as well. And with the support of Mia and Zack (but with Ripley skeptically ignoring the topic—she will have none of this nonsense! ;)), Nell learns to harness and use her powers.

When Nell's cover is (potentially?) blown, however, it will take all three, and Nell's own latent powers, and between them, a test will be taken.

Has Nell truly learned to trust herself, and others? Will she give into the love she has for Zack? And most importantly, will she be able to prove Mia, and herself, and the legend of the Three Sisters true? Will she be powerful enough to save herself from doom? You will have to read to find out!

Laced with much romance, a dash of mystery, witchcraft, and demons in men's clothing, DANCE UPON THE AIR is an exciting tale of the power of fate, of sisterhood, and the love of a good man, and is the first in a trilogy about the legendary Three Sisters. We really enjoyed this novel, and it is the one that hooked us on Nora Roberts. If you love stories of modern day witches, and paranormal romance, do give DANCE UPON THE AIR a try; we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised! You can get it (and signed too) from Nora's Turn the Page bookstore or from Amazon for Kindle, paperback and audiobook, Barnes and Noble and such.

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