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'Winter's Tale' at least it was better than 'Robocop'

Winter's Tale movie poster
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Winter's Tale


"Magic is everywhere around us. You just have to look." These are the first words of the new movie, "Winter's Tale" opening today, Valentine's Day. It's a date movie for sure, and it has more than its share of magic in it; however, the real trick will be suspending your disbelief from beginning to end.

Taking place in New York City in 1916, a thief (Colin Farrell) is on the run from a vicious, in more ways than one, gangster (Russell Crowe). Before he can make his escape, he finds true love. Miraculously, this tale will not conclude for almost another hundred years.

"Winter's Tale" is a romantic movie, but also falls under the fantasy genre. It's difficult to discuss the fantasy aspects of the movie without revealing too many spoilers. There are guardian angels in the movie along with some demons. Miracles take place.

Normally, when you see a movie in the fantasy genre, you accept everything you see on the screen. In the case of "Winter's Tale" it is harder to do so. Some things make so little sense that it is hard for the audience to accept. Even if you have seen the commercials or trailers for the movie, it takes too much time for the plot to fully reveal itself. What's the connection?

The movie does feature a nice cast. Oscar winning performers William Hurt and Jennifer Connelly are in it as well as Oscar nominated actor Graham Greene and other recognizable actors. Notable performances also come from Jessica Brown Findlay and Mckayla Twiggs. The movie does feature some good one -on-one scenes among the actors, but those scenes are very few in number.

The movie was written by Oscar winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman and "Winter's Tale" is his first attempt at directing a full length feature film. Many screenwriters make the transition to directing. Unfortunately, Goldsman ended up creating a real mess! The only positive thing you can say about his direction is that the scenes were lit well, but when you constantly have the people watching this movie go "HUH?" you screwed up somewhere along the way.

Seeing a movie on Valentine's Day is a tradition for some people. She may be pulling to see "Winter's Tale" while He may want to see "Robocop". "Winter's Tale" is the better movie. Maybe this year, you can rent something romantic because this fantastical, romantic tale is not the way you want to end your evening. It is Rated PG-13 for violence and some sensuality.

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