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Winter is coming: 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' movie review

Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Summer blockbuster season has started, in the springtime. And one of the first movies out of the gate is The Winter Soldier. I was worried that Cap couldn't hold his own in the present day, but although Steve Rogers is a bit out of it in regards to the internet and twerking, this movie was great.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie poster.
Marvel Studios

In The Winter Soldier nothing is as it appears to be and the freedom of the World is definitely at stake. Captain America is involved in a crisis that he may not be able to stop, and then there's the mystery of just who is The Winter Soldier?

I loved the first Captain America movie, I thought it was not only a great comic book movie but a great start for The Avengers. But this new movie blows the first film out of the water. It makes you wonder if Cap has a place in the modern World. He even questions himself and whether working for S.H.I.E.L.D. is what he should be doing. He keeps a list of things that he has missed and unlike the first movie questions several orders he is given. It was a great device for moving the story forward. The way Cap would handle things in the Forties and the way things are handled in the present day are vastly different.

Of course we all go to these movies to see some awesome super-hero action and the movie does not disappoint. From taking down an elevator full of enemies, to fighting The Winter Soldier there are tons of great action sequences. The movie is just awesome. My favorite sequence involved Cap taking on a Quinjet.

And the acting was great as well. Chris Evans does a perfect job of capturing a man out of time who epitomizes heroism and bravery. Scarlett Johansson is awesome as Black Widow, they need to give her a movie to herself. Robert Redford one of the greatest actors in the World is in this movie and he doesn't dial it in either he gives an amazing performance.

This movie is easily one of the best Marvel studio films. It has great action, great acting, and a well-written believable story. You need to go see it as fast as you can. Five Stars.

I've added a link to the film's content advisory page here. I personally don't think there is anything that objectionable in the movie but that's up to you. Peace out.

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