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I started with my Nobunaga the Fool for this round of first impressions. Now, let’s look at another Nobunaga … kind of, anime, Nobunagun.

Pics from Nobunagun
Pics from Nobunagun

Okay. An awkward girl named Ogura is pretty much an outcast; a girl who seems to get excited when it comes to weaponry. And it makes her classmates steer clear of her. Yet, her exile is partially of her own free will. During a class trip to Taiwan, she encounters a bunch of monsters that kill many people around her. She then meets the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper, who is killing the monsters. We come to find out that she is descended from Oda Nobunaga and, somehow, she has the power to emerge a powerful gun. Some more reenforcements arrive as we find that these super powered beings are called E-Gene Holders. Now, Dogoo, a government organization fighting the monsters and our heroine defend the world.

Nobunagun is produced by Bridge, VAP and Earth Star Entertainment. Ogura is voiced by Shiori Mutou. As for the rest of the cast, it is honestly hard to pin down who the cast is on this show.


Let’s see. Concept … kind of. While historical figures are also being used in Nobunaga the Fool, this uses their reincarnations and/or descendants, who met this one alien guy, in order to gain these powerful weapons and defeat the aliens invading. Not a bad idea at all. The powerful weapons seem to be useful but still have their limits, which is good. And man, the opening theme, Respect For the Dead Man by Pay For My Pain, is very edgy and will get you hype. Tis a shame that that is all that is good about this show.


Oh Dear God, this anime was a disappointment. Seriously! Okay. This is the second show this season using remade versions of historical figures. The problem is that the execution is poor.
Our main protagonist is not very likeable all. Ogura's awkward in a new way but her personality, not in combat though, is grating. They try to make you feel sorry for the girl but, honestly, she's just too weird. I can understand the whole avoid people cause you feel lower but her sense of self didn't need to take a hit like that if there seemed to be a classmate eho gave a shit ...seeming before the series. It comes off that she doesn't want friends and that hurts her character. Also, it felt they tried so hard to be awkward for the sake of awkward. Like her talking to other students or when she first meets Jack or even in episode 2, after meeting and fighting with Dogoo ...they pound that she's socially inept. And that really didn't endear me to her at all.

The other problem with the show is that the animation was very inconsistent throughout the first two episodes. There was solid animation for a couple minutes then it turned to what looked like Bruce Timm art from the old Batman animated series. Next second, it’s pulling a Gankutsuou with a bunch of vivid patterns on the characters only to drop that next scene. There definitely seems to be an issue with the in-between art studio and the main studio coming up with a similar style so that the show can look consistent.

The other problem with the show is that most of the other characters did not get much time to shine. Sure. They are not the title character but Jack the Ripper, Gandhi and Newton seem like they are going to be around for a while. And yet, there was so little of them that it made me not care how cool they could be.

Finally, the episode was paced okay but the lack of attachment and the ending of the second episode did not have the impact that I feel that it should have. Just … no.


This has a lot of potential. Yet, it is honestly wasted in its opening two episodes. Ogura isn’t very likable as a protagonist. While I appreciate that this character is not very typical, there was just something about how she acted that put me off. There was emotional moments that did not have much impact because there was little relationship building. Sure. It’s the first two episodes but still, I should care about a girl that was trying to be Ogura’s friend … because reasons, right? NO. There has to be a connection for viewers to care and I just don’t feel it. The art shifts too much for my tastes and the story, while interesting, is put off by its main protagonist and sadly, typical writing.

I give Nobunagun … 2 stars out of 5. Just … I can’t anymore.

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