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Willie “Windwalker” Gibson – Shaman and more

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Willie “Windwalker” Gibson is from Cherokee and Irish descent that is noted to see and hear spirits, as well as a spiritual advisor, among many other talents.

Gibson has been blessed with many talents and is very involved in helping those who seek assistance with their spiritual needs through reading totum animal cards, perform cleansings and clearing, smoke drawing, as well as investigate the Paranoramal.

It does not stop their either, he is also a Shaman, and the author of two books, “The Shaman Windwalker” which is about his “journey as a chosen one. It will inspire you, captivate your interests, and scare you. My hope is that it will make you realize that there is more out there, and that the spirit world exists.”

Willie’s second book, “Soul Warriors” shows you real life spiritual experiences with Willie Windwalker Gibson and his wife Schmon. “Enter their world of sharing their lives with the living and the dead and even species of unknown origin. Willie will take you through years of experiences with his family and acquaintances to show you how spirits have played a big part in his life. You will see how many spirits assisted and guided Willie and Schmon in and out of situations that helped them deal and cope with life and death. Read how spirits aided the couple in an auto accident and how Willie’s television show, Spiritual Gifts and Wonders, drew people around Schmon and Willie to enrich their lives. You will find humor where you would least expect it, during a séance. The next time you visit a cemetery you might find yourself looking around for unexpected company. How would you handle creatures with large eyes visiting you at night and taking you to places unknown? This book will compel you to compare what you consider a normal day to what Willie and Schmon live with every day of their lives. Come into the world of the soul warriors and share in their experiences.”

Gibson has also been on national TV on “ Most Shocking Ghost” on CMT-“Bell Witch” segment as well as his own local public access show in Louisville, KY called “ Spiritual Gifts and Wonders”. Being featured on Shirley MacLaines’ IE Radio Show, Xzone Radio, Mary Sutherlands BUFO show, Joyce Keller Show, The Sandman Radio Show, The Jimmy and Heather Lowery Show, The Sacred Division, and Daniel Otts, “The Edge” show and these are only just a few of the shows he has been on. Gibson has been on hundreds more radio shows to say the least….

Willie “Windwalker” Gibson has been kind enough to share some of his time with us and also Join Pennsylvania Paranormal Magazine as a featured writer. We look forward to his experienced writing and spiritual adventures!
You can find Willie Windwalker Gibson at his website link below as well as the Pennsylvania Paranormal Magazine Website and Facebook!

You can find Gibson’s books here as well;