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William Shatner takes an inside look at the fans with ‘Get A Life!’

William Shatner's Get a Life!


In the world of documentaries the most important thing to have is an interesting subject matter and with the popularity of geek culture, no subject is more prominent than Star Trek fans. Now the most popular and iconic face in the Star Trek franchise, William Shatner is taking us on an inside look at the fans of the popular franchise to see what the fuss is truly all about?

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Over the years there has always been much talk about Shatner’s disdain for conventions and the Star Trek fans themselves. His own narration in this film shows his confusion of their obsession with the series, but has decided to try and find out what the fuss is really all about. With the rumblings of his thoughts on the fans it was really surprising to see the passion and positive direction he took this film. Instead of poking fun and trying to point out the strangeness of it all, he allowed the fans to speak for themselves and what drives their passion for Star Trek. The smartest move here is that they didn’t try to just grab the stereotypical con fan, but instead also the average everyday joe, which is actually what the majority of fans are. In addition to the listening to these people tell what drives their love and obsession of Star Trek, you also get to hear from some of the stars of the series about their thoughts and interactions with the fans.

Whether you are a fan or always wondered what all the fuss was about, this is a great documentary that shows the world the truth about fandom instead of the clichés that people believe. In addition to the film this DVD features numerous bonus features including a sizzle reel and never before seen interviews that adds to the overall experience. Take the journey where all these fans boldly show their love with William Shatner’s Get A Life! available now.