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William And Mary: The Complete Collection - Love is hard

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William And Mary: The Complete Collection


William Shawcross (Martin Clunes) and Mary Gilcrest (Julie Graham) are lovers and friends. They are in a relationship but they must take it a little slower at least that's the way Mary feels. William would move in together with Mary and her two boys in a minute but Mary is a wanting to take it slow.

William is an undertaker and Mary is a midwife. So, one takes people into the afterlife and the other brings them into the world. Now that has to play on their minds just a little bit. Plus with Mary having two boys and William having two girls well it does make it interesting. There is true love even if they both don't see it.

For instance, in the one episode when three of their children's friends are killed it brings the two families together. William is preparing the funeral and Mary has a delivery to make and the neighborhood is grieving and suffering. The sadness of the loss of life at an early age has made everyone very upset. William brings it all together with a service that has the joint rocking. Many of the friends of the three children who passed attended the service and it seemed to bring everyone together.

It also showed Mary that she wasn't ready to give up her own place and move in with William. She liked having that place to go to when she wanted. She wasn't ready to give up her individuality.

Acorn brings this marvelous show to DVD on March 25, 2014. The quality of the set is incredible. The sound and visuals are wonderful.

'William and Mary' are one of those shows that when you just hear of it you might go oh no not another one of those drama and comedy shows, a "dramedy" if you choose. This one is different. The quality of the acting is fantastic. Martin Clunes has a way of acting that at times you just don't get it but in the end you walk away going wow what a performance. The chemistry between Clunes and Julie Graham is really remarkable. This is one for your DVD library. You will want to come back from time to time and watch the show and will be glad to it at hand. So come next week you definitely need to pick up a copy and spend some time getting to know William and Mary and the kids.