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Will wearing the "White Hat" be the demise of Scandal Character David Rosen?

Actor Josh Malina of Scandal
Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Scandal Season 3 Episode 13


Lovers of ABC's Scandal were treated to a thrilling episode on Thursday, March 13th---and Gladiators around the world are wondering what the last few moments mean for the future of two beloved characters.

As episode 13 of season 3 comes to a close we are James (played by Dan Bucatinsky) goes to meet David (played by Josh Malina), telling him that (once again) he's not going through with the plan to bring down those involved in the death and cover-up of Daniel Douglas, husband of Vice-President Sally Langston. It is then that David, flanked by the NSA Agent who brought him the recording and reporter that James has been leaking information to, says they were expecting more since Jame called them all together. "I thought you were the one that called this meeting," James says---and it is then that things get wild.

A shot rings out, and the reporter is shot in the head. Another shot and down goes the NSA Agent. With David and James looking frantic the shooter--- Jake (played by Scott Foley), the new head of B6-13---approaches, raises his gun and shoots...ending the episode.

Will one of the beloved main characters of the show meet their demise? Social media responded quickly to the thought of what happened? Was it David or James---or was there someone else in the mix that we weren't privy to? Though we'll have to wait until next week to find out for sure, many or looking at the messages of the cast for answers.

One such message came from Josh Malina who brings David to life. Known for his quirky and fun messages to fans during the show, he tweeted this after the episode: "In all seriousness, whichever way this is headed, I love #Scandal and its fans."

If that his way of letting Gladiators know that they were going to lose the man who tries to always hold on to the "White Hat" of justice? What will losing either of them mean for the show that has enthralled millions in its spell? The truth is sure to be well worth the wait.

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