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Will sexy wolves pack enough bite?

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Bitten - TV Series


Bitten’s intrigue revolves around a woman’s desperate attempt to flee her past, even if it means leaving her country. But the past’s ties are strong and run blood deep. Can Elena outrun her werewolf past?
Syfy’s new show Bitten, based on the Otherworld books by Kelley Armstrong, finds Elena, (Laura Vandervoort) scurrying through the woods after a sex scene where she tries to convince herself everything is normal. And with exception to the bedroom action and Toronto, it is. Except Elena just can’t seem to get enough satisfaction from her new human boyfriend and/or the call of the wild is just too strong. Stripping again from her clothes, this time outside, Elena morphs into a werewolf and supposedly begins hunting an annoying character leaving a bar.
When the body is found, the law seems convinced it is the work of an animal. But Elena has friends and relatives who know differently. It is more likely the work of a lycanthrope. Pack law states specifically: no hunting for pleasure. The audience is not sure who the killer is because Elena’s run through the woods coincides perfectly with the murder.
Has Elena committed murder and betrayed herself? Can she bury her conscience while retaining a normal life with her boyfriend? Not very likely because lies also betray Elena’s new life when she conceals the fact she is seeing a werewolf psychiatrist instead of being kept long hours at work. Her human boyfriend must believe a family emergency necessitates her leaving.
With deep reservation, she returns to New York where a family union awaits. It seems the pack needs her to hunt a mutt who is killing humans for sport. Elena supposedly boasts the best tracking skills for this endeavor. But is she being summoned for more? It seems an ex boyfriend will likely complicate things pretty quickly.
The actors are sexy and pack law is intriguing. But does Bitten pack enough bite to live up to the novels? Or will it just fade into paranormal soap opera? I’ll keep watching for now.