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Wild Ocean a book that is unique and inspirational

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Wild Ocean: Sharks, Whales, Rays, and other Endangered Sea Creatures


Each day produces articles and books about species of sea creatures whose very existence is in jeopardy. The seemingly never ending tsunami of bad news can be overwhelming to those who love the wild things that make the oceans so vibrant and interesting,

WILD OCEAN: Sharks, Whales Rays, and Other Endangered Sea Creatures is an anthology of surprise and inspiration.. It features 12 stories of endangered species found in the oceans around the world. Each story is unique and consists of a mixture of fact and a bit of fantasy. The topics of the stories are serious, but their presentations include a bit of fun and is presented in cartoon form. The reader is provided with a mixture of writing and art styles. The net effect is each each page of each story is a rich and stimulating canvas that shares information and educates the reader..

The endangered species that are featured in WILD OCEAN include; hawksbill turtle, hammerhead shark, albatross, manta ray, blue whale, monk seal, whale sharks, sea horse, blue fin tuna, butterfly fish and its coral reef, manatee, giant clam and their neighbors and environments.

The anthology is the work of 17 cartoonists and writers and is edited by cartoonist Matt Dembicki. Dembicki is no stranger to being involved with award winning projects. He contributed to Trickster: Native American Tales; A Graphic Collection which won an Aesop Prize. Dembicki led the effort by DC Comics' An Unconventional History of Washington D.C. that was named one of the best books in 2012 by The Washington Post.

The use of cartoons coupled with skillful writing works in providing a means to communicate and educate readers of WILD OCEAN about these endangered sea creatures in a way that pictures and more descriptive writing could not. The audience age for the book is 14, however the reviewer believes this is a book a book that holds something of interest to readers of all ages.

WILD Oceans is 160 colorful pages, and Max A Pooch gives the book five big tail wagging woofs. Published by Fulcrum Publishing, $15.38 WILD OCEANS: Sharks, Whales, Rays, and other Endangered Sea Creatures can be purchased at Amazon dot com. Hear the interview of the editor of this stirring anthology at Max A Pooch's
Awesome Animal Advocates
on Pet Life Radio.

A portion of the proceeds will go to PangaSeed which is an organization whose mission is to educate spread the word about how humans can help sea creatures.