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'Wicked Blood' DVD Review: Family is blood

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'Wicked Blood'


Amber (Alexa Vega) and her younger sister Hannah (Abigail Breslin) have both lost their parents. They live with their Uncle Donny (Lew Temple). All three live in fear of Uncle Frank (Sean Bean) and his brother Bobby (Jake Busey). Frank is the head of the Stinson Gang. They mostly just make and sell drugs. The cook of the family is Donny. He would let's say be the chemist. Bobby is the muscle only because he really can't do much else. Amber works as a waitress and pretty much keeps to herself. Then there is Hannah. Now Hannah is the thinker. She thinks of way to get some money and her way is to be the mule. The go between from Frank to the person wanting the drugs. She's only 16 but she can hold her own.

Hannah loves to play chess with her Uncle Donny and that is how she handles her life, one move at a time but always thinking of the move to come. She starts to cut the product which throws everything into an uproar for Frank. People are starting to complain about bad product. One of them the rival of Frank a man by the name of Bill Owens (James Purefoy). Who also has hooked up with Amber. You guessed it the shit will eventually hit the fan because of all the variables in the game.

This is one movie that is very interesting to watch. The action is good and the story keeps you into the movie.

Director Mark Young does an excellent job with this one. The seedier side to life is brought out beautifully. He has also brought a cast that fits very well to their characters.

Eone is bringing us a DVD on March 4th, 2014 that you will want to pick up and have in your library. The quality of sound and visual are very well done.

So see how Hannah takes care of the family in a quest for a different life. Enjoy.