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Wick Theatre's '42nd Street' sparkles with rave reviews from top critics

Don't miss Florida's biggest tap hit musical "42nd Street" visit
Don't miss Florida's biggest tap hit musical "42nd Street" visit
The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum

'42nd Street' at The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum


BroadwayGlobal and Theatre Chat share the inside information on Florida's biggest smash hit musical "42nd Street " now playing through February 9, 2013 at the newiest, most talked about regional theatre in our nation, The Wick Theatre. BroadwayGlobal and Theatre Chat offer some Wick Theatre's inside information on mounting this huge musical, that left Florida's theatre critics raving about!

The top Florida critics have spoken; "Julier Kleiner , Ron Hutchins Make 42nd Street." Ron Levitt (Florida Media News). Choreographer "Ron Hutchins puts these pros through the paces in Were in the Money and Lullaby of Broadway." J.W Arnold (The South Florida Gay News) at

But the dead on review comes from Florida's most respected arts critic, Bill Hischman. "Hutchins, who is locally-based but works around the country. He has staged many local shows but he is usually limited by earnest dancers of, shall we say, variable skill levels. Finally, gifted with a troupe capable of whatever he asks, Hutchins’ talent blazes as if he was hit with a carbon arc lamp. From the precision stampede of the group numbers to the delicate moves of the duets to blazing solo turns, this is classic Broadway choreography as it is rarely seen in South Florida. How much is Hutchins’ original footwork and how much is that of the original choreographer/director Gower Champion is impossible for a civilian to say, but Hutchins has indisputably led and forged the terpsichorean excellence on view." Bill Hischman Florida Theatre on Stage.

Now, let us share some inside information about the mounting of one of Broadway's biggest musicals in South Florida's newiest regional theatre. The Wick Theatre is getting global buzz as a one of a kind theatrical experience. It is important to know that the ten million dollar theatre reallly took 30 years to build. The Wick family honored the local supporters after the theatre had been closed by Legacy Bank. Marilynn Wick kept the Countess' husband name on the Marquee and displayed the names of those thirty year supporters. The Countess Henrietta de Hoernle who is known for her generosity, respected the choices made by the Wick family. Seeing the re-envisioned deatils at the Wick Theatre and Museum, the Countess Henrietta de Hoernle donated $250,000 just a few weeks ago, kicking off her support for the Wick Theatre Naming Rights Campaign.

Now imagine your Broadway season has one of the biggest musicals, which also includes tap. Marilynn Wick brought in one of America's top choreographers Ron Hucthins to audition the dancers. What they found out was this, the male tappers that were needed would be in college or high schools, and it's Holiday Season. So she sent Ron to NYC to cast the remaining tap dancers needed. When you see the cast of "42nd Street" at the Wick Theatre you will see that the local talent, as well as those cast from New York are all extrodinary!

Now Marilynn had to house some of the cast members from New York, which brings up the cost of producing a musical of this size. She asked Ron "Can you mount the show in two weeks?" We can't forget Director Norb Joerder who oversaw the entire "42nd Street" production, this was a production team decision. The wonderful Direction by Norb captures the Broadway quality we all remember. As "42nd Street" is a huge dance show, it was important that Ron Hutchins be able to teach the dancers the intricate tap routines less than two weeks. Most productions mount "42nd Street" with a three week rehearsal period, but the two week final out-come is flawless!

Local talent Julie Kleiner shines with her voice and tapping abilities. The production rivals that of the Broadway productions, that theatre lovers adored. The Wick Theatre patrons are jumping to their feet for the excellent choreograpy by Ron Hutchins. Direction by Norb Joerder and the Musical Direction by Michael Ursua are award winning. Florida's sexiest leading man Jim Ballard shines with brilliant performances by Aaron Bower, Alex Jorth and the enite all-star cast! "42nd Street at The Wick Theatre is a must this season!" BroadwayGlobal.

"If we were to nitpick, concert lighting with hazers would highten the effect of future shows. What we love is this, if you can capture the audinece with amazing talent, the tricks seen on MTV and block buster movies are not needed to create magic on The Wick Theatre stage. The cast of 42nd Street is magical. The best tap musical Florida has seen!" Theatre Chat.

Hit songs, You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me, Lullaby of Broadway, We're In The Money and, of course, 42nd Street leave audineces wanting more. You might even come back to see it again and again , but it must close February 9th. This musical production is a fresh, classic, delight! The well deserved praise from Florida's top critics, will make this musical a sell out, so get your tickets now.

Aaron Bower as the aging actress, Jim Ballard as a director, dance-man Alex Jorth all shine as leads. Missy McCardle, Jeffrey Bruce, Alan Gerstel, Allison McCartan, Janet Wiggins, Christopher G. Patterson, Alexandra Kathryn Dow and the entire tap dancing singers make "42nd Street" the best tap musical Florida has seen.

Hats off to the ensemble of "42nd Street"; Lauren Bell, Sophia Ludovici, Brooke Martino, Sean McGee, Lindsay Nantz, Abby Perkins, Stephen Petrovich, Frank Zomero, James M. Hansen, Elliot Peterson, Casey Weems and Sean Zia. If you've seen "42nd Street" you will must refresh your wonderful memories with this smash hit musical of the season.

This Broadway favorite is loosely based on the film of the same name, 42nd Street. Peggy Sawyer (Kleiner) comes fresh off the bus from Allentown, PA. in hopes to land her a job on the great white way. Will Peggy get her big Broadway break? Only if Producer Julian Marsh (Jim Ballard) can see her as a chorus girl in his biggest hit musical Pretty Lady. The star of Pretty Lady Dorothy Brock (Aaron Bower) sugar daddy might be bankrolling the production, but without true love karma may change the star of the show!

Peggy gets her big Broadway break as we enjoy big songs by Harry Warren and lyrics by Al Dubin. The originally choreography by Gower Champion is recaptured by Carbonell Award winning choreographer Ron Hutchins and his talented dancers, who are really the stars of this tap dancing extravaganza. Direction by Norb Joerder re-kindles are love of "42nd Street" with book by Michael Stewart and Mark Bramble. Costumes by Kimberley Wick and Costume World Inc. with Sets designed by Gateway Playhouse, Lighting by Thomas J. Shorrock and Sound by Adam Pitts keep this company of "42nd Street" at the top of the critics list.

For tickets to The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum, and Florida's biggest tap hit musical "42nd Street" visit or call 561-995-2333. Congratulations to Wick Theatres 2013 mutilple Carbonell Award nominations, and to their choreographer Ron Hutchins Carbonell Award nomination.

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