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Why Singles Should Check out Bravo’s New Dating Show and Get Me A Guy

You could go on a (televised) date with one of these NYC singles

Get Me A Guy


If you’re feeling especially adventurous when it comes to meeting new people, Bravo TV wants to hear from you. The network is looking to schedule daters for current cast members in a new series called “The Singles Project.”

According to a casting producer, the show is based around New Yorkers, their careers, social circles and dating.

“Essentially, it's a lifestyle show that highlights dating in New York City,” she says. “There are no rose ceremonies, no matchmaker advice, nothing contrived. Everything is done very organically.”

Though organic isn’t the first adjective that springs to mind about reality shows, one thing is decidedly different about The Singles Project. Unlike most of these programs, there’s no age limit -- i.e. you don’t have to be under 30 to participate. For more information about how to apply, visit the show’s website or email The show premieres August 12th.

Another timely, top pick for NYC thirtysomething singles—the new comedy Get Me A Guy, which wraps up its limited run next Monday August 4th.

The briskly paced 80-minute ensemble show is a hilarious, incisive look at the ups and downs of dating today, seen through various vignettes. There’s the nebbishy surgeon desperate for a relationship but, as he tells a female friend, only with someone who satisfies everything on his lengthy checklist. We also meet a girl who reconnects with a guy she feels guilty about rejecting years ago—only to discover he doesn’t remember her. Then there’s the bachelorette who regularly goes out with a single male friend yet remains oblivious to his feelings for her.

In each scenario, two common themes emerge—rampant miscommunication and unreasonable expectations, the latter of which is amplified in the (admittedly cheesy) musical number from which Get Me A Guy takes its name. The show repeatedly asks, have singles become so picky and set in their ways that it’s almost impossible to find a lasting connection?

A pair of sweet closing scenes depicting elderly couples make the case for having a less demanding mindset. We see that, in the end, perfection isn’t a prerequisite to lasting companionship.

Get Me A Guy is an entertaining romp, one definitely worth checking out.

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