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Why I'm Running for the Senate: Break Ideological Oppression

Political Cause


Would love to have some feed back on this. How many of you would agree that the answer lies in replacing this political ideology vs. politicians? Pass this along to others considering to pursue office. This was my letter to Hawaii's new political party: Hawaiian Independence Party: HIP. I was requesting to represent them for the Senate seat. I'm officially still under consideration.


50% of all medical cost is lifestyle related. Both parties know this and yet, neither has looked into this side of the healthcare reform.

Why not?

One party is about gov’t care, the other, free markets. Other options are simply not considered.

As much as a third of fed deficits are in real estate securities that Uncle Sam bought during the banking bailouts. Of course, both parties know this. Solve the real estate issue, we just paid off $5 trillion of our fed debt.

Why have they not looked at this side of deficit reduction?

Well, one party is about raising taxes while the other is about cutting services. Both overlook the securities side for it is outside their ideological response.

There are hundreds of such leads that have been overlooked. The reason is always the same: the ideological focus of both parties leave them confined to the same cookie cutter answer for any given issue.

We are here to highlight these other options, and yet, that is only part of the purpose of our campaign. The larger purpose is to show how this ideology keeps us from all such alternatives. The problem with American politics might not be the Democrats or Republicans or even the corruption of our political system. The real and larger problem may lie here with the ideology itself.

It becomes unnerving to realize that all the world’s political thinking has been confined into this one single, ideological paradigm. All social economic thought is kept to this small fish-bowel of socialist vs. capitalist conflict.

Our campaign for Hawaii’s Senate seat is intended to break this ideological straight jacket. We do this with a series of alternate proposals to serve as working models for a new brand of dialogue and exploration. In general, we work with considerations that most have already had passing ideas about, but which never got that second look. Today, we will give them that second look.

First it’s important to understand the repressiveness of this ideology. To begin, the conservative vs. liberal paradigm creates this artificial set of conflict postures. The larger issue is the narrow scope of choices between two evils. We are confined into this false dichotomy that imperils our options, our natural sense of common cause and the heart of our humanity. The election process completes this dysfunction by sucking out the life air from all other discourse, considerations and prospects as the two parties dominate debates.

Our campaign is intended to break this ideological strangle-hold upon the America spirit. We do so by showcasing the host of new fortunes to be won by stepping outside the ivory tower of this outdated ideology.

Our program proposals provide greater service for less money, faster turn-around time and broader bi-partisan support over those by either party. These are intended to showcase the ease for such reforms once we look outside the two party system. In short, we are here to convince the country that there is a whole world of new possibilities once we free ourselves of these ideological shackles and in so doing, unleash the best of American resourcefulness into our political process at long last.

We have policy models for most every issue of the day. All are intended to jump start the conversation around the host of other great options just ripe for the picking. Our daring declarations will leave the country double checking ‘facts’ against our bold claims and so stirring this election into a new conversation. We expect they will make national headlines – and hopefully, grab the public’s imagination as it spurs our entrepreneurial spirit into national politics so lacking our nation’s magic. This is the purpose of Raghu-nomics and the campaign for the Senate offers the perfect national platform for it.

Best of all, this seems to fulfill the very purpose of the Hawaii Independent Party. I gather, you will find these complementary to your own vision and ideals as well.


8 Books on Economics called Raghu-nomics. Summary highlights below.

Policy Proposals

Federal Deficit:

$3 to $5 trillion of our deficit is in real estate securities. Resolve this real estate (security) issue and gov’t can sell – reduce - fed debt by a third. We can do this without raising taxes or cutting services.

Our simple solution: the real estate securities issue is one big accounting mistake. Once understood, Uncle Sam could sell these securities within weeks. Covered in Video.

Please watch this video for it is the basis of the campaign and fund raising – as I will explain at our meeting.

Other articles:


50% of all medical cost is lifestyle related. This means if we each covered our own lifestyle cost, we could reduce both taxes and insurance by this same 50%.

· Obesity: $200 billion a year = equals about 10 cents for every hamburger, soda-pop, ice-cream and French fries. This 10 cent buys us Universal Healthcare for all obesity related care – for free.

· Tobacco: $100 billion a year = a trillion over the next decade. Place all $ into a single pot (trust) and negotiate a $600 billion contract for 3 times the service. Half the cost for 3 times the service.

· Alcohol: $200 billion a year. About 70% are from 4% of the consumers – alcoholics. $10 billion in rehab programs may save us $150 billion a year in social cost.

· Once combined, these 3 programs alone would equal $500 billion a year. That’s about $7 trillion over the next decade. All other gov’t programs are now saved from this cost burden: Social Security, Vet Affairs, Medicare (cal), etc. Those programs can focus on other areas of service while members still receive better quality care in these lifestyle care services.

· New, $30 tillion, lifestyle insurance industry.

(Numbers from $25k research by Guerrilla Economics.)


American Shopping Party

50 Million American’s buy American Made on the 1st Sat of each month. $200 a month equals $300 billion a year (Wal-Mart is $400 billion). Create market for American Made with a simple, one day a month party highlighting our country’s best.

We have a GNP of $15 trillion a year. If just 20% of that was in US made products, we would have 100% employment. That’s why just one day a month is enough to get us over that hump and up to that 20% American made.


American companies are losing hundreds of billions in market share to foreign competition. Hard to beat competition as long as we keep sending them all our technology and know-how. To save millions in US labor cost, US corps hand over billions in cutting edge tech to our competition. In turn, we lose hundreds of billions in market share to them. Corporations need understand that the ‘real money’ is made off of market share. The American worker is their partner against this growing international competition and silly to try and save millions on wages when it cost us hundreds of billions in market share.


New Inflation Index: How much gold it takes buy technology vs. how many dollars it takes to buy gold. Technology is the offset to inflation and so measuring our cost to buy that tech is the more accurate measure of inflation.

More policy proposals upon request.

Federal Deficit:





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